Kissing Frogs

Last night I was up until almost 2 a.m. by myself. Well that's not true, Punk was up too. We chatted online.
In addition to chatting with Punk, I killed another moth. A big one. It gives me the heebie geebies just to think about it. When I threw it in the garbage I noticed this on my back door.

Try not to be offended by his lack of pants. He didn't eat the forbidden fruit. He is blissfully unaware of his nudity and how he doesn't look as good as Heidi Klum when he's naked. Or even when I'm he's clothed.

Isn't he precious? With his sticky "hands", (what are hands on a frog called again?) and slimy body. It took everything I had not to buy a little tiny purse and carry him around in it. I could have gotten us matching sweaters.

I'm sure that harness is very comfortable. Plus with a frog I wouldn't have to worry about getting fur on my clothes or a sore shoulder. And seriously Asian girl, no one carries dogs anymore. It's all about the tiny frogs.

Aw, he's so tiny and cute. You know you want to touch him and love him and keep him forever and ever. He needs a cute name. What shall we name him? Fred, King George or perhaps Percival?

Something regal.

He is a Prince after all.


Dione said...

My daughter was telling me about these cute slugs in her Biology class. Then she said she watched one give birth and it was so cute. Cute is not the word that would have come to my mind. Then again, I've only poured salt on slugs - and believe you me, it's not pretty!

How about Mr. Darcy?

Anonymous said...

I love that cute little frog!I think we should all have little pet frogs that we carry around in little tiny pocketbooks.I would be a new craze. - mom-

Missy said...

Mr. Darcy. I like it.
When you said slugs and giving birth, cute was definately not the word that popped into my head either.

The Boob Nazi said...

So what are the hands on a frog called? Now you've piqued my curiosity.

Missy said...

OK so I didn't actually have an answer to the question. I really asked to see if someone else could educate me. However, since you are curious I wikied it.
They are called feet. Or if your down with the cool kids, webbed digits.

Dione said...

Feet... who'd a thunk?

Matthias said...

I want to carry a frog around with me everywhere I go as well. Frogs are freaking awesome! If they were blue and red like the Bills that would be the greatest ever though!