Why It's Important To Be Pretty If You Play Football

I am unable to bring you a fresh and exciting post today because I am here.

Travelling eastbound on the NYS Thru-way.  It's super-exciting. Full of beautiful scenery, such as, solid white lines, broken white lines for passing, guardrails and there are trees sometimes.  That's right five hours of roadway and grass.

This picture should give you and idea of the overwhelming beauty and excitment that is the NYS Thru-way. It was taken in January so in all fairness to the NYS Thru-way this isn't it's best side. It's no doubt prettier in the greener months. Prettier, but not less boring.

You might ask, why Missy, why do you drive ten hours round trip repeatedly to watch a 3 and a half hour football game? (my mom asks me all the time.) Don't the Jets and Giants play only 3 hours from your home? New York City is so much cooler than Buffalo and you'd shave 4 hours off your travel time.

To answer the question you didn't ask, I say,

Eli Manning, Quarterback of the Giants

Trent Edwards, QB for the Buffalo Bills and so much hotter.

I will not justify your question about being a Jets fan. The idea makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Honestly, their QB's nickname is Dirty Sanchez. Really? Could you even consider a team like that?

While my argument about choosing a team based on the hotness of it's QB should be enough for you, for those of you that need more convincing I leave you with this. (Mom, this is why watching it on T.V. isn't the same.)

See CeCe, this is electricity
I love this place.


Dione said...

The scenery from the stadium looks awesome!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I love your team choosing logic! It's even better than choosing the team with the best uniforms.

The Football Wife said...

Trent IS hot. Gosh, are the Jets still playing? I thought they were a rock band from the 80's...

Punk said...

Hey, Missy? Didn't you decide to follow the USC Trojans because of their uniform color? Or was that because I could resist the juvenility of the word Trojan?

Also: Football Wife, you totally made my night. I know nothing about football, but rock bands from the 80's? Oh, yes, let the mocking begin...


Oh, right, blog.

Why are you hating on the NYS Thruway? Really. It is boring, but it GETS US TO CANADA!

Missy said...

Canada, eh?

Punk said...

Great White North, eh.