Confessions: A Completely Random Post As Opposed To My Usual Ramblings

It's been awhile since I've done a confessions post and Punk suggested I give it a shot. Here goes.

  • I really really want to write about football again but I value your friendship(s) so I'm fighting the urge. I do have to say though, how cool would it be to be on the field with 70,000+ fans screaming for you?

  • This weekend Braden announced that he had serious pee. And here I thought peeing was always funny.

  • I've decided that Bud Light is my kind of beer. Not because I like the taste or because it's the coolest beer (even though a beer that can earn a nickname like BL Smoothie and has Conan O'Brien in its commercials is clearly the coolest beer), but because its newest slogan is "Drinkability".
    "Hey I'm a beverage and even though I'm not great or even decent, I'm drinkable."
    I'm so proud of Bud Light. *wipes away a tear* It doesn't get any more "Aim Low" than that.

  • I asked one of my cousins to write a guest blog and he totally said yes. I'm super-excited. He even chose a bloggy name. It's Hansel. Like from Zoolander.

  • It bothers me to hear about other people's pregnancies. How long will it take me to get over that?

  • Obligatory Trent Edwards shot to cheer me up. It's been so long since I did a confessions post I forgot how much fun it was to look those TE shots up.

  • I watched a grown man pee in a parking lot yesterday. I took his picture. I probably shouldn't post it.

  • Since it's been a few months since Harry Potter, I think it's time to start getting amped up for NEW MOON!! Are you amped up now?
O.K. so aside from looking up numerous pictures of TE (purely for your benefit), I also spent an insane amount of time looking at clips from the film Zoolander. For this reason I am still typing at 1:16 when I should be sleeping. So these are my confessions. I have put myself at your mercy.



Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

and I probably shouldn't have looked if you did post it. . .

Punk said...

You know how we kept telling each other how much we forgot how fun looking up links and sending them to each other is? I'd forgotten how much I love confessions blogs. I'm so not kidding.

1. Mr. Punk and I mock that "drinkability" slogan every time we see it. What kind of beer tries to lure you in with promises that it won't stick in your throat or make you spit it out? Seriously.

2. I have never seen Zoolander all the way through but that three minutes of my life was spent wishing I had seen it before and bought it and could go watch it again. I laughed so hard.

3. I love that picture of T.E. I agree with you that he looks like a happy little boy. It really only makes him that much more appealing.


5. JACOB!!!!!

6. *Squealing like a thirteen year old fangirl.*

7. *cooing* I love you, Jacob! Num num num.

8. Right. New Moon. Looking forward to that.

*scampering after the hot, fictional werewolf*

Anonymous said...

New Moooooooon!!!!
I can not wait for New Moooooon!!
To watch a hot werewolf, I will swooooon.

And there is that hot vampire,
I think I just might perspire,
I just don't want to be a liar.

Lots of pain,
and in the rain,
is Bella insane?

Oh, no, I can not wait till...


Disclaimer: I've been into the rhyming lately. Please excuse me.

Grand Pooba said...

Geez, is that guy peeing in his car?!

Drinkability, I love it!

Dione said...

Maybe Mr. Peebody had too much drinkability.

Punk said...

@Pirate Mom, you totally just made my day.

coach said...

just a few random thoughts myself:

football is the greatest sport in the world

I love the Bills of course

Not so sure about New Moon cause the first one sucked! Sorry ladies

Labatt Blue was real good this weekend so it might be my beer of choice considering it's the beer of the Buffalo Bills!

I feel the same way about pregnancies and babies. I wish it was my family getting bigger. It's not a statement to be rude to anyone else but I just haven't gotten over the past.

Spot On Your Pants said...

Yes, post the pee picture. That would be great (unless it is full frontal and he is super old).

Missy said...

oh, the urinator is there. Click the "nothing is sacred" link. Twenty-seven other people already have. That dude's mom has got to be so proud.

Mrs.Birdie said...

No Coach, you suck! NEW MOON!! I just finished reading the series, and I can't wait until June for Eclipse to come out!! I'm a fanatic!! Oh, and forget Jacob, I'm all for Edwardo!!!!