My thirtieth birthday is still over 7 months away, but I've been asked by numerous people if I'm nervous about it. It seems like the entire 29th year of one's life is dedicated to worrying about getting older. Why is that?
Most of the reasoning I've heard about the fear of age is feeling like you haven't accomplished anything. I suppose one could argue that I've got the family I've always wanted and that's why I don't fear 30, but, keeping it real, there are things I've always wanted to do that I haven't. For example, I've always wanted to go to California and be on The Price Is Right. Failed. I wanted to be the voice at the beginning of a movie preview that says, "Coming soon to a theatre near you." Failed. I wanted to get married in Vegas by Elvis. Totally failed on that one. Darn traditional wedding.
Yet in spite of my failures, I say bring on the wrinkles and saggy boobs. I'm down with you, Age (as long as you don't take my hair because then we are going to fight). I'm O.K. with the colonoscopies that my 30's will bring because I know that no matter what I accomplish here on earth, this isn't the end. The goals we set and pursue in our lives all fade away when we die. There is only one goal that stands and that is to honor God with our lives. You don't need a cookie-cutter life to do it either. You don't even have to be perfect. Although I'm pretty sure that being married by Elvis helps. It's in the Bible. Second Ephesians I believe. Look it up.

In case you thought I made those goals up, I didn't. I really wanted to do all of those things. I came close on The Price Is Right one. I was in California back in 2003 and they were inviting people to a taping, but I had such brutal morning sickness that I couldn't bring myself to go, especially since I had already vomited out of our rental car window on the L.A. freeway. In my defense, there was no place to pull over and I didn't have a puke bag. Yeah, I'm going to pretend I didn't share that. 

What are some of the goals that you have set for yourself that you either failed to accomplish or have placed on the back-burner while you do other things? If you are perfect and have accomplished every goal you ever set, then you could just share a story about puke. I don't want you to feel left out just because you are perfect.


Dione said...

You're supposed to have a colonoscopy in your 30's? Woops!

I had a goal sheet of 100 things I wanted to do in my life - but I think I threw it away 'cause nothing was happening. And now I can't remember what they were (along with the sagging boobs goes the memory).

Anti-Supermom said...

You know, I'm not big into making lists and goals, so I never do feel this pressure to make sure 'this is done before xxx'.

I'm turning 33 in a few weeks, the 30's is way better than the 20's, you will find a confidence you never knew you had. It's pretty cool.

Missy said...

Dione, don't worry about the colonoscopy. Most people start at 50 but we have a family history of colon cancer so our screenings start at 30. Awesome, right?

The Godfather said...

What if.....All you get is the time on earth. then you are dead. Do I think there is no God or Heaven? Totally not saying that. I even would love to believe there is. I find myself praying very often actually.

However i still recommend everyone live there life to the fullest while your physical body still "wiggles" with the best of them. Don't treat life like its the waiting room for heaven.

I quote Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam:

"i know i was born and i know that i'll die... the in between is mine"

If anything your post most certainly reminded me that theres so much i want to do in life such as:

1. get a tattoo
2. go sky diving
3. Travel the entire world for a year getting into all kinds of sticky situations.
4. Find a human (female) to love
5. Lay the seed which produces my genetic offspring.
6. Pass on ALL i have learned to as many people as possible.

I can and will do all these things. theres plenty more i'm sure but i can't think of them right now.

I have spoken.

coach said...

I just want to see the Bills win the Superbowl one time!

And hey if we go to California again maybe I will have morning sickness and puke onto the freeway.

Could happen

East Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide

Anonymous said...

There are so many things I always wanted to do but almost no have come to pass. Im really good at planning but sadly lack the follow through to do anything cool. I wanted to:
1) be a governmental interpreter (or at least learn Hebrew - Im such a bad Hebrew student)
2) travel to Egypt to see the pyramids because I just like tombs
3) be a orchestral musician and travel all over and hob nob with the rich and famous.
4) be rich and famous :)

Instead of actually doing any of these things I stay home and make GF brownies and plan elaborate craft schemes that will rescue me from the traditional workplace.
Oh well - there's always chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I never had a list of things to do, besides the day to day stuff. If I get even half of the list crossed of, I'm excited.

I used to want to be a rock star, but I can't read music and I don't play any real instrument. I rock at the tamberin though.

Once while taking an international flight, I puked during the entire landing. You know, when the everyone is really quiet. As soon as we hit the ground, I unbuckled and bolted for the bathroom at the back of the plane. As I emerged, everyone was disembarking and I decided to say good bye to them, all, like the stewartess.

Good Times.