Outing Tony

On Sunday, Tony came over to watch football. He graciously threw together my new header and siggy (I don't have photoshop and I'm pretty much a moron when it comes to anything even remotely related to computer graphics.) I did pay him in food though, so it's not like he wasn't compensated.

So while we are working on my blog stuff, we were discussing how I talk about him on the blog, and he requested that I be honest about who he is. I reminded him that this is the Internet and once you say something, it's there for good, and he was O.K. with that. So, everyone, I'm afraid it is as we suspected with Tony.

Ryan Teaches Bella how the pros do it

His real name isn't Tony. It's Ryan. And now you know the dirty truth.

Such form. Tiger doesn't know what he's doing.

Also, he likes to golf with children's clubs.

While I'm in the business of outing people, my beloved Coach has declared his hatred for his bloggy name and asked that he now be known as Matthew. That would be his real name too. Does anyone else think it's a shame that Matt and Ryan's parents didn't give them cool nicknames like Missy, Punk and Birdie? It's sad, right?

I bet you each have a cool nickname from childhood. Pooba does. What's yours?


I put a poll up about this weekend's game because Ryan and I were talking about doing full face-paint for the Bills game on Sunday. However, when I was at Wal-Mart today, I saw Halloween hair spray in red and blue (the Bills colors) and thought, "Hey wouldn't it be awesome to do our hair instead?"
So go and weigh in on the poll. Don't ponder this decision too long though because the poll closes on Saturday night since we leave early on Sunday. I'll totally be posting pictures of us at the game sometime next week.

P.S. Matt, can I color my hair like this for the whole season? Only in, like, Bills colors. Please?


The Godfather said...

It's true.

Ryan B. can now be himself!


and man am i fresh!

Dione said...

They called me Dione Peon.

coach said...

Two things Missy, Thanks for outing me! I hate this nickname garbage. So Matthew, Matt, Mathias, Mateo they all work. As for the hair thing absolutely not. If it's washable for after games then sure but not for the entire season.

So every one knows this woman has perfect hair. You can't do that to something that's perfect. It would be like giving a facelift to Katy Perry. There would just be no point to that.

East Siddddddddddddddddde

Sarah aka "Elliemae" said...

Nicknames: My grandma has always called me "Sarahbird" My daughters name is Wren so I call her "Bird" and I call my husband "Boo"
BTW, the movie was "Fox and the Hound" good guess though!

Anonymous said...

OK - I know everyone is revealing their true name but I so dont want anyone to know my real name - no one else had pictures taken of them on an upstate road trip at 2:45 am without makeup and mercilessly posted online.
I am totally on board with the hair (respectfully Matt) and I think I have a college pic of myself with some blue and pink streaks. If you need any tips/help dying it I am so game. Even if it has to be temporary you might as well do it up - GO BILLS!