The Filling Of A Clean And Quiet House - Part 1

After Birdie was born my parents made the decision not to have anymore kids. They took permanent measures to ensure this decision but within two years they had changed their minds. But the damage had been done and they spent the next 16 years praying that God would give them a baby. Sixteen years is a long time. That's a lot of praying. A lot of faith, doubt, anger, hope and once more faith.

In September of 1999, social services dropped a two day old infant off at my parents house because he and his biological mother had tested positive for cocaine at his birth.

When the baby was three months old, the social worker called my mom and told her that the biological mother had made the decision to put her baby up for adoption. When my dad got home from work that day my mother greeted him in the drive-way with the news. God had finally answered their prayers.

The adoption process was a long and arduous one. It took so long that the original paperwork expired and had to be refiled. I imagine that to my parents that one year felt as long as the sixteen previous years, but two months after his first birthday Thor legally became a part of our family.

Thor and Dad in Maine, Summer 2000

Since his arrival on our doorstep he has brought joy and love to our family. Even though he's no longer a baby and most definitely a normal ten year old boy. For our family, and those who went through the journey of prayer and faith with us that lead to his birth, he will always be our miracle baby and an answer to a prayer that lasted sixteen years.

Over the past ten years five more children have been welcomed into our family through adoption. I've often wanted to blog about my younger set of siblings but thought it might get confusing for everyone. So I'm going to introduce them one at a time and tell you about how they came to be in our family. So this is how Thor's story started.

Internet buddies, I'd like you to meet Thor. Thor, Internet buddies.

Thor and Malibu Barbie 2009
The sister behind him is Malibu Barbie. We'll talk more about her next week.


Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Great introduction! It's nice to meet you, Thor.

Dione said...

Your parents must be pretty awesome to have so many children ;)

Thor looks like a great kid! I'm sure my Eli would love to play with him!

TonyMontana11484 said...

Lovely idea!! a great read! and i look forward to the stories of the other kids.

Thor is a solid man with a good baseball swing....and hopefully one of our newest bills fans!

Anti-Supermom said...

Hi Thor!

My older brother and sister are both adopted, I love it when I see/hear positive stories.

Grand Pooba said...

Very nice to meet you Thor! Can't wait to meet the rest, that is so cool that your parents were able to raise six more kids!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Missy, sometimes I need to be reminded of why I do what I do.(25 hours a day)- mom-

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

welcome to the party, Thor. Can't wait to meet Malibu Barbie.