The Football Wife's Totally Awesome Giveaway!!!! Check it out.

The Football Wife is hosting the cutest little giveaway on three wheels! Check out for your favorite brands like Roadmaster, KidKraft, Little Tikes, & more. Contest ends 09.26.09 @ 5pm.

So I checked out and their stuff is killer. Click here to enter the giveaway. You won't be sorry.

And as a little plug for myself, if you don't have any kids and you want to try your hand at winning this contest anyway. You could totally give my kids your winnings. Christmas is coming after all.

Just kidding.

Not really.

Now go visit the Football Wife. She's just as cool as her giveaway.


The Football Wife said...

No, Missy. You are cool. And you're right... their stuff really is awesome. ;)

Punk said...

You're both adorable.