The Secret of the Secret Ooze

I haven't mentioned the homeschooling lately but it's been going really well. I think the hardest part is knowing what the standard is. How much curriculum should we be covering? It's so different now from when I started school. That being said, I'm pleased with how Bella is doing. She's reading like a champ. She loves it. She's been reading a Dick and Jane book my Mom gave us. It's actually three Dick and Jane books compiled together and she's read 172 pages of it since last Monday. She begs to read which is awesome. We also started on the addition and subtraction this week which for whatever reason gets me all excited. I actually got her worksheet out and showed Matt at dinner the other night like a little kid. Look, look, she did addition!

Besides being able to grasp the concept of adding two numbers together and being able to read a ridiculously repetitive book, Bella is taking Italian lessons from her Nonna. Once a week I drive her over to Matt's mom's house and leave her for a few hours. Today I dropped her off and as soon as she was out of the car Braden started talking, "Mom, I want to watch The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Secret of the Secret Ooze when we get home." To which I cleverly responded, "mm, hm." I guess this was just the invitation he was looking for because he began to tell me the story of the Secret of the Secret Ooze.

After listening to this story for the entire 38 minute and 47 second ride home, I can tell you with certainty that I have no idea what the secret of the secret ooze is. I do know that Shredder says something to the effect of , "Let's get ready to fight." to someone named Tocar? and that the turtles are all present and accounted for in the story. ( I know this last part because Braden repeated their names no less that 40,000 times each.)

Tonight at dinner as I was gushing to Matt about Bella's ability to solve algebraic equations in this her second month of Kindergarten, I thought about the Secret of the Secret Ooze. So I told Matt about that too and how the Secret of the Secret Ooze is a very long story that goes on FOREVER AND EVER. AND EV-ER. To which he said, "Hey Braden, tell mom the story about the Secret of the Secret Ooze again. Lean in closer to her and whisper because she can't hear you."

And Braden did.

Even after hearing the story a second time I still couldn't tell you what it's about because I was laughing too hard to hear.


Punk said...

Three things:

1) The second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is actually titled "Secret of the Ooze." On that note, how weird is it that our kids live 1000 miles apart and yet are watching *exactly* the same movies on the same days? WEIRD.

2) I'm really glad your homeschooling is going well. No, really. I'm incredibly proud of our girl.

3) I had an eerily similar exchange with the Mister regarding the Chahead's math skills tonight.
These last few days, he's been learning the addends of 100, and he's disturbingly good at it and reeeeeally likes it.

A snapshot of the moment -
Me: "Quick, Chahead, what do you add to 53 to get to 100?"
He: "Um... 47."
Me (to the Mister, in a shrill squeal): "See! I didn't learn that until I was working fast food. AS A LIFE SKILL. He's in the fourth grade!"

Clearly he's a genius. Or something.

Dione said...

After their rooftop battle with the Foot Clan, the Turtles find themselves between homes and are living off pizza delivery from "Roy's" Pizza while staying in April O'Neil's new apartment with Master Splinter. When April covers the cleanup process underway in the city by TGRI, Splinter recognizes the initials from the canister of mutagen that turned them all into mutants. Meanwhile, the Shredder is alive and well, has resumed command of the Foot, and seeks revenge upon Splinter and his students. Upon learning of the potential for the ooze to mutate animals into minions, he sets out to obtain samples and scientists, kidnapping Professor David Perry of TGRI and forcing him to assist in the creation of two aressive mutants to be his own pupils: Tokka (a snapping turtle) and Rahzar (a wolf).

When the Turtles are discovered in April's apartment by Keno, the pizza delivery boy, they reveal their history and Keno tells them about the reborn Foot Clan's efforts to recruit people with fighting ability. Seeing the potential to infiltrate the Foot, Keno offers to sign up but Splinter refuses to put him in danger and believes that they ought to get out of April's apartment instead. Not willing to simply let the Foot Clan regroup, Rafael abandons the others during their search to team up with Keno while his brothers stumble upon an abandoned Subway Station under the city.

Professor Perry manages to contaminate the mutagen to ensure that Tokka and Rahzar will not grow intelligent as a result of the mutation in addition to growing. Shredder is persuaded not to kill them by the professor due to their incredible strength (which is greater than anything exhibited by Splinter's pupils). Ironically, they imprint upon the Shredder as their mother.

After infiltrating the Foot, Raphael discovers that the Shredder is alive only to be caught and used as bait. Keno gets word to the others and they try to save him from the Foot's base in the junkyard. There they are caught in a well laid trap. Master Splinter saves them and they fight the Foot and Shredder's mutants in an effort to escape with Professor Perry. They make it back to the home in the old Subway where Perry reveals everything he knows to his new friends.

Donatello and Perry begin workin on an anti-mutagen when April sends word that the Shredder intends to let them loose on a rampage in Central Park if the Turtles fail to show at a fight to the death at a local construction sight. The Turtles, armed with anti-mutagen doughnuts, face Toka and Razar and the fight spreads to a local nightclub where they interupt a performance by Vanilla Ice and Ninja Rap is born. The doughnuts do the trick and the Turtles again confront the Shredder, who reveals his plans to create more mutants. When he exposes himself to the ooze, he mutates into Super Shredder and trys to bury them all but ends up killing himself instead.

The Godfather said...

Best. movie. ever.

Mr. Punk said...

Dione... wow... I just... you... we are now best friends. But I don't think any of us can match this level of commitment:

Turtle Power! ...but not in a scary, overly-obsessed kind of way!

Dione said...

Mr. Punk - we can match her level of commitment if we just follow our heart ~ follow our heart.