Chillin' At The Quality Inn

I've stayed in my fair share of hotels. There was the $35 a night UFO themed hotel along route 66. The hotel in Florence, whose shower refused to drain, which wouldn't have been a problem except that there was no tub or even a lip separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom. And, of course, the Comfort Inn in South Central L.A. That particular hotel was special since it's where Matt and I found out we were pregnant for Bella and also I spent the night lying as flatly on the bed as possible trying to stay below the line of the window. You know, in case there were any stray bullets.

For our pilgrimages to Buffalo we always stay in the same hotel, The Days Inn in Tonawanda. It's not spectacular but we know what to expect, plus there's a Burger King next door. A Whopper Jr and a milkshake can make you overlook a lot. For example, if there had been a Burger King next to that Comfort Inn in L.A. I would have totally recommend that motel to my friends. Unfortunately, not even the Original Chicken can make us overlook a $50 price hike. So Matt looked around the Buffalo area for a cheaper hotel and found a Super 8 in Hamberg.

The Super 8 was a little tricky to find. Apparently in an effort to drum up business the Super 8 people decided to hide their hotel behind a Quality Inn. Seriously these two hotels were so close together that I thought they were connected. Once we finally figured out where the Quality Inn ended and the Super 8 began, G.G. and Matt check us in and came back to the car with no idea how to get to our room. We drove around the building until we saw a door that would let us inside and parked. I'm going to be honest here, my very first impression of the Super 8, before we even got into our room was, crack den. I felt right at home.

The stairs up to our room were too narrow for us  to even walk next to each other as we went up and they were carpeted with a cheap carpet that was so old there was no way for them to even make it look clean. Although I suspect it was since there were cleaning carts around. Then again maybe those were just for show. Maybe I'm being a little harsh, I mean it's not like the lights on the stairway were yellowed and flickering. The hotel was pretty well lit actually. I had no problems spotting the junkies passed out on the stairs and was able to avoid stepping into any of their vomit on the way up.

The very first thing G.G. did upon entering our room was to grab the ice bucket and head out to find the ice machine. I'm not sure why she thought she needed ice because the room was FREEZING. I can't say for sure when the last time the heat in that room had been turned on, but I suspect that it was before Daylight Savings since the room clock was an hour ahead. Ryan turned on the heat and G.G. returned with an empty ice bucket. She couldn't find an ice machine so she called down to the front desk. After a few minutes of intense conversation the Super 8 employee told G.G., "If you need ice just go over to the Quality Inn and use their machine."

I respect that. Times are hard, you've got to save wherever you can. Frozen water can be expensive. Can you think of a good reason not to steal the competitor's ice? Me either.

A few hours later after we got back from dinner and had settled in to watch T.V. the room phone rang. Since I was expecting an important business call from the Stay-at-Home-Mom's union (we're working on getting sick days), I answered it.

Me: "Hello"

Woman with thick Indian accent mumbling as fast as possible.

Me: "I have no idea what you just said." (I'm forthright and honest and also slightly rude)

Indian Woman: I was just calling to see if I rented this room out.

Me: Yes you did.

We had another few seconds of confused conversation and then I hung up. It was later pointed out to me that I should have lied and told her that she had, in fact, not rented the room out and that we had broken into her hotel and were helping ourselves to the competitor's ice.


Christy said...

popping by from sits...v. funny post. I remember once ending up through a series of mishaps in a motor inn off an old highway in sacramento. I was a bit worried when the front desk clerk in a most paranoid fashion asked.."how did you get here?" and "who told you about us?" I should have walked out the way I entered..but I was desperate. I didn't sleep a wink all night!

Anonymous said...

I remember the good old Ranch motel,where the TV sat askew on it's stand and when you sat on the potty your butt got pinched in the crack on the seat. Oh those were the good old days! Did you ever notice that a terrible experience usually ends up being a great story and a hilarious memory? mom

"And so our stories go..." said...

I've stayed in some doozies. The Microtell in Greensboro NC was the worst. All night long long haul trucks ran by the window.

Sara @ The Football Wife said...

OOoo... my aunt lives in Hamberg just past the airport. Her house is nicer than your hotel. Maybe she'll let you crash next time. She's in her 80s & would likely enjoy your companY!!!

Christine aka Mistress of Cakes said...

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Brandie said...

What funny stories! Isn't traveling the best...maybe not at the time, but looking back. Stopping by from SITS! Have a great day!

coach said...

Ok from the guy who made the reservation. This hotel was 5 minutes from the stadium and although it wasn't the Ritz Carlton or even the Days Inn lol I didn't think it was that bad. We were able to drive to our favorite Chicken Wing place in about 5 minutes and I thought the room was ok once the heat clicked on. All in all I would make a reservation to this place again but my wife would probably say no to that so I guess I can say goodbye to the Super 8 in Hamburg!

Sarah said...

I stayed in a similar type hotel in Italy, actually. It was awful!
I think the funniest is the ice issue. Geez!
Stopping by from SITS! Lovely blog!

Dione said...

Who are all these SITS?

I loved this post! It made my day! Only thing better would be pictures. PW always posts pictures of her hotels!

Jessica Jones said...

AW man! We JUST stayed at a Quality Inn in the south Louisianna! I was so hopping we were talking about the same one because it wqs a simliar experience...for example our room had no light bulbs....however this was NOT the same one because ours was no where near ANYTHING!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

i am so glad you're working with the union on this, although I don't think it should be limited to stay-at-home-mom's. currently, no moms get sick days. I've totally stayed in this hotel. I think it used to be in branson, mo, or hot springs, ar, or eureka springs, ar, but I've stayed there!