I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry

When I was roughly twelve, I really got into interviewing my friends. I had notebooks upon notebooks full of their deepest, darkest secrets, desires and full names with birthdates. Looking back, it was maybe slightly ridiculous that I made my friends tell me their names. However, I was going to be the next Barbara Walters, Connie Chung or Sallie Jesse Raphael. This is why I asked questions like, "If you were a flower, what kind would you be?" A girl's gotta keep her journalistic integrity.
I wish I still had those notebooks. I bet it would be fun to look them over and share with the Internet all of the fun things I discovered about my friends. Toward the end of my interviewing phase, I had asked each of my friends every question my little pre-teen brain could come up with, and they started refusing to let me ask them questions. I guess you can only ask someone what their favorite color is so many times.

Today, I thought it would be fun to ask a few questions for you all to answer, plus I couldn't think of anything else to write about. Since it has always been a habit of mine to answer my own interview questions (that's what you do when everyone else refuses to answer any more questions), I'll answer them too.

  1. Who is better: Barbara Walters or Sallie Jesse Raphael? This is a tough call. Clearly Barbara has more credibility and also that totally awesome Oscar's Special that isn't boring at all, but Sallie can pull of a red business suit with matching glasses better. I'm going to go with Maury Povich on this one.
  2. Who did you have a crush on in Jr. High? I've already answered this one before so I'm going to refer you here to learn about my real life crushes throughout the years and here so that you can educate yourself on Nick Stahl (he was much cuter at thirteen, I swear.)
  3. Why do you write a blog? Well I think this one is obvious. So I can share the intimate details of my life, including yet not limited to, my sex life, when I fart and when my children discover themselves, with whatever kind of random strangers that might stumble upon this blog while they are either drunk or at work. As an added bonus I can talk constantly about myself and no one calls me selfish. To help bring about World Peace. Yes, World Peace.
  4. What was the last thing you googled? Ulster Performing Arts Center, I'll try harder to google something more fun, like tips on nose picking, next time I ask this question.
  5. What was the last blog you read right before this one? The Fox Den
Answer one or all of these questions and feel free to add your own question. Be honest; it's the only way we can make any progress in your free therapy. Next week, we'll address your mommy issues.


Dione said...

1. Barbara and Sallie both have bleached blond hair - same style too. So I'm gonna go with Tyra Banks cause she can smize!

2. Thomas Leeland Epting II (full names are very important in Jr. High!) But if we're talking celebrities I confess I was pining for Chad Lowe (Rob's little brother).

3. Because I have no sex life... just kidding! I do have a sex life but I never fart!

4. RRPS (Rio Rancho Public Schools) I needed to call my kids school to let them know they weren't coming. It's a dumb rule, really. I mean, you'd think they'd figure it out by lunch time.

5. I should have gone to be a long time ago but I was reading everyone's blogs. I'm trying to catch up after being out of town. But it was Linsey's blog. She's my daughter's friend and she's engaged. And so is my daughter! Yikes! I will be blogging about that soon...

Anonymous said...

What mommy issues?? -mom-

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I have kid issues, is that the same as mommy issues?? I blog so I don't have to work.

foxy said...

1. Do I have to pick one? They're both so whiney that I can't stand to watch either. I pick Ellen.

2. Oh man, did I EVER have a crush on Kirk Cameron. You remember Growing Pains, right?! I had a photo album filled with my favorite cutouts from my teen magazines.

3. So I can get the crap in my head OUT. Ha. And I've got a lot in there too. Surely we're all helping with World Peace, right?! ;)

4. This is going to sound bad, but "dead cartoon images". But I have a good reason. I wanted to make my car look dead, but I needed to know that x's on the eyes were correct. I'm such a perfectionist, you know... ha.

5. Last blog was I read was www.theonlygirl.com - a new fave!

ps - I'm following you now... sorry it took me so long!

Mr. Punk said...

1. Hmm tough call. Barbara Walters with the unending comedy produced by her unique speech ("Babawa Wabwas")... or, someone who possesses 3 first names, one of which being the name of one of the Ninja Turtles. I'd have to go with "Babawa". It's really the practical choice for me as she has clearly given me more through the years.

2. Like most guys, pretty much every cute girl that walked by.

3. I don't write a blog. But I suppose I could, and if I did it would be because I wanted to express a bit more directly with my audience, rather than through the subtleties which typically adorn my more artistic outlets.

4. "Comic Movie". I couldn't for the life of me remember the name of the movie "Watchmen".

5. The only other site I've been two before this one is xkcd.com. This is typically my second site of the day. I have an alphabetical list that for some reason I start at the bottom of. *shrugs

Punk said...

1. Babwa or Sally Jessie? Um. I'm pretty sure I've clicked past both in a hurry. So... Ellen. I've stopped on her. Like, once.

2. Crush in jr. high? I should know this, right? Yes, to Kirk Cameron, but was that jr. high age? I know I liked boys, so maybe my problem is more that I changed my mind so often I can't recall any one.

I liked the boy who would become The Mister. There is that.

3. I don't write a blog, but I proof and title one. :-) Because I luuuuub you.

4. The last thing I Googled was last.fm, which, as it turns out, is found at www.last.fm. So Googling it actually makes me stupid. (psst... I like Pandora better.)

5. Last blog before this one was probably Cake Wrecks.

Hey, did you see that Pioneer Woman has a grazillion comments on today's giveaway? I didn't even bother to "enter"(though I sure would love that mixer).

To reiterate, I luuuuuub you.

coach said...

1. Best is Maury Povich no question. I just want to say "You are the Father" one time in my life.

2. Tiffani Amber Theisen from Saved by the Bell to 90210 was hot and still is.

3. No Blog cause I have no ability in that field.

4. Could have been something wrestling related and yes I still watch wrestling. I always will and can't help that.

5. I don't read other blogs!!!!!!!

Jessica Jones said...

I will answer my jr high crush because it was my hubby. well technically it was thebguy sitting next to my hubby but he was a not interested...then there was the guy on the OTHER side of my hubby...but again not interested so I just staked my hubby till he fell in love and had babies with me!