Did She Just Escape From the Looney Bin? Nope, Just Another Mother Leaving the Portrait Studio

When Bella was born, my mom bought me a membership to a photo studio and I took Bella to get her pictures done every six months. This continued even after Braden was born. The last time I went, I wrestled to get my children to behave and smile for the camera. I attempted to pose them, keep their hair in place and by the time the pictures were taken I was aggravated, sweaty and my hair no doubt resembled that of a crazy lady on a day-pass from the home. I was beyond ticked with the staff at the studio and even recounting this story gets me so irritated that I can clearly remember why I didn't go back to get my kids pictures done for two whole years. But at the nagging of my Mother-In-Law and also my own guilt at having no professional pictures of my kids, I caved and went.

Sweetness-Christmas 2009

Don't let his precious little face fool you. He is a child in constant motion. He touches everything, including the very expensive camera in the studio. In spite of that, I think this sitting went much better than the last, partly because I wisely didn't put him in his picture clothes until we were tucked safely inside the studio and partly because my expectations are so much lower than they used to be. I am pleased that in this picture there is no snot crusted to his nose.
Can I get an Amen?

Bella- Christmas 2009

This is the child everyone wishes they had. I'm not saying this because she is mine. Being fair, she didn't get those aim to please, desire to do right and be obedient genes from me. I'm the child that would have wiped their crusty snotty nose on the expensive camera. Not to be naughty, but just to see what would happen.

Sears Christmas Portrait 2009
The photographer was loud and also in constant motion. She and Braden had so much in common. She kept his attention and moved quickly so as not to lose it. She posed my kids for me, while I stood back and watched. I didn't even come close to breaking a sweat. Not even once. It was awesome.

Silly Boy- Christmas 2009

This is a goofy kid. I'm just saying.

I realize that I put white socks on my kid even though he's got on dark pants and shoes. I know this is grounds for calling Child Protective Services on me but if you could just give me a pass this once I promise I'll never make this mistake on picture day again.

Bella-Christmas 2009

I did not put lipstick on this girl. Actually on the way to the studio, I noticed that her lips were dry, cracked and on the verge of bleeding. Are her pretty red lips a perk of the photo enhancements? Is my five year old photoshopped? If she is, why couldn't they have taken out the dirty spots on her tights? How could I have forgotten to paint her nails? Maybe you should call Child Protective Services. Clearly I don't deserve these children.

Sears Christmas Portrait 2009
I hope you enjoyed their pictures. Soak them in. Commit them to your memory because I won't be going back for two more years. Not because it was a bad experience; overall, I'd say the experiences was a good one. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go back until I recoup the money I spent there, which should take roughly two years.


Sara @ The Football Wife said...

They are so cute! The picture of them under the tree just looks like Christmas morning. There's so much excitement in their eyes!

Dione said...

Oh my goodness! Their eyes! Those are some cute kids you have! I can so relate to your early experiences with the photography studios. I have even had to walk away without one shot because my kid wouldn't sit on the stupid table.

I love your Black Friday counter! But I heard some disturbing news today on the radio. They said that retailers are not buying large quantities so they won't get stuck like they did last year. Watch out shoppers! I've got a cart and know how to use it!

coach said...

I don't want to brag or anything but those two have to be the cutest kids in the world. If you think I am biased you are totally wrong lol.

Who knew that Sears charges so much for pictures? Obviously we didn't. Hey all of my quarterly "kind of bonus but it's not" went to the flicks. At least the kids looked cute though!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

beautiful. I would have been the snotty nosed kid touching the camera too. Oops, looks like it's genetic in my family. . .I had the kids pics taken this summer. A stray cat wandered up, and that's what the kids insisted on doing. I just knew they'd see pics of this darn white cat 30 years from now and ask me whatever happened to snowball. . .ugh--pictures!

Punk said...

Oh so cuuuuute...