It's Just Like Getting A Razzie

Oh my goodness, ya'll, (have you see that commercial with the talking pothole?), I won two more bloggie awards. I'm totally going to need a trophy case if things keep going like this. I wonder where these awards originate? I should create an award. The Trent Edwards award. You don't necessarily have to have a good blog you just have to have a great profile picture. Of course, to do that I'd have to know how to create a button with a hot picture of TE on it. I'm sure one of you is dying to do that for me. No? O.K.

All right so the first award was given to me a few weeks ago by Sandy over at Moments of Mommyhood. She's so sweet and has awesome and creative. She does awesome crafts with her kids. She's way more creative then I am, and I'm pretty sure she's a better mom then me. Mallory has a crafting gift she got for Christmas last year (that's Christmas '08) that I never did with her. Yeah, I suck. (This isn't a very good acceptance speech.)

So the rules of this award ( I know, right, bloggie awards come with rules. Whatever happened to swag bags?) are that I have to list 10 things that make me happy and then pass this award onto ten more bloggers. I'm going to change the rules to suit my laziness needs if you don't mind. Some might consider this breaking the rules but I prefer to think of it as "thinking outside the box."

I will, however, tell you one thing that makes me happy. Make-up. I love it. I wear too much. Some might think I look like I belong in KISS, but I'm not ashamed. Bring on the eyeliner. I'm passing this award on to Bibi over at From Misery To Happiness In 365 Days. Bibi, feel free to follow the actual rules of this award. Don't be like me. I'm headed down a dark path.

Let's take a peek at that second award, shall we?

Oh, it's shiney and has a hammer on it...I think. This honesty award comes courtesy of Foxy over at The Fox Den. She's currently dating George Clooney. Her blog sparkles, and she totally cracks me up. Before I jump into the rules of accepting this award and passing it on, I would like to thank my mother for all the spankings she bestowed on me whenever I even thought about lying. It was her dedication to corporal punishment that has really won this award. I couldn't have done it without you, Mom. I share this award with you.

This Honesty award requires that I pass it on so I am. So raise your hammer's, here's to Jeanette (life's always funniest when you are honest) and London (secretly honest. You have to love that).

Now for the honesty bit and also my very own Razzy (that's what I'm calling it.) I got my first ever comment by someone who truly disliked me. My husband and Jessica both feel that this is a good sign of some kind. I personally feel like it was sign that it was time for me to sign up over at Dooce Community. (That girl gets a lot of hate mail and now I feel a kinship to her. Not that mine is actual hate but I'm allowed to be a bit dramatic if I want to. It's my blog.) The award doesn't have a flashy button but I'm calling it the "Cheers Mate!"

...I can't help but still call you out on e-whoring. Not that all the guys aren't more interested in reading your blogs if you make it doubly apparent you're female (Make sure you mention 'boobs' at least twice in every article if you want to maximize your traffic), but we're more likely to recommend your blog to our friends and read it religiously if you continuously make reference to the fact that you lack a penis.
As long as you don't mind the fact that you're devaluing your opinion in trade for more readers, then there's nothing wrong here.

In your defense, though, don't worry. It doesn't matter if you devalue your opinion to be honest. With your approach to writing, people aren't reading for it anyway. They're reading due to your boobs, not intellect.
Cheers mate.

Oh yeah, he totally signed it Cheers Mate. And I got called an e-whore. What is that even? So here's the honesty:

I giggled when I read this.

The rules of receiving a Cheers Mate is that you all must comment on this post and I'll chose one commenter's blog to go over to and leave a harsh  (anon) comment about you and your blog and I might even call you an e-whore. I've got my fingers crossed for each of you. Good luck.


The Boob Nazi said...

What? Mentioning boobs means you're doubling your traffic?!?!?!? Well, I guess I'm missing out somehow. snort.
And if I needed to write like an intellectual to prove I'm smart to the internet, I would also need to be SHOT. I hate people who write like that. Ugh.
I guess I must be stupid. Hmmm

Bombshell BLISS said...

I feel so honored. How cool is that! Thank you. It's so cool to get an award from one of my favorite blogs.

Dione said...

I feel like I should win the award "I read your blog before you were so popular you were called an e-whore". Congratulations!

Shell said...

e-whoring? WTH???

congrats on your awards, though!

London said...

E-whore! That has to be the funniest thing I've ever read. Too funny. Maybe your anon commenter should check out my blog and check out my e-whoring ways. Yeesh, people.

Maybe I'm stupid, I read that comment several times and I'm not sure what they're trying to say? You talk about boobs too much? Errrr wait until later this year when I'll be breastfeeding. It will be boobie-central folks!

Anyway, thanks for the award and cheers mate!

Punk said...

Thank you, London! I'm so glad that it wasn't just me. I read and read that comment and finally just broke down and said to Bryan, "I think he's trying to sound smarter than he is. It's practically senseless."

But, hey, congrats on your negative feedback. I'm totally stoked. You're on your way, sister-friend. All the greats get negative comments. Right, Boob Nazi? ;-)

(psst... Dione does deserve that award. Quick, invent it. Thanks.)

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Maybe the guy is just jealous that people read your blog and don't read his and wants to blame it on the fact that he has no boobs. Poor boobless man! Wait. Maybe he has man-boobs and is too proud to mention it. So it's all his fault he doesn't have readers or comments.

Congrats on more awards!

Katrina said...

Congrats on your awards.
I hope you get a plaque for the Cheers Mate. With all his ramblings--that make absolutely no sense-- engraved on it. It's a keeper, for sure.

E-whoring it up from SITS.

blueviolet said...

Congrats on the awards!!!!! The only kind of whore that's a good whore is an e-whore!

foxy said...

Oh my gah, what in the world is up with that? Why does Cheers Mate keep coming back to tell you how much he/she hates it here?? If you think someone is an e-whore, then you stay the freak away, right???


TOWR said...

Congrats! Quite prestigious awards, I must say!

Intellectualism is overrated. Poop and fart jokes are so much more entertaining. :)

Sharlynora said...

I think that "Cheers Mate" coffee mugs and t-shirts should happen. Soon. I would get one. Definitely.

coach said...

My wife is an e-whore now. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms Bibi said...

Aah, you are so sweet. Thank you so much. I feel honored and blushing a bit here.