One Word

I love the Jonas Brothers, not like I loved The New Kids on the Block when I was younger, that would be creepy. But I do enjoy them. I've purchased both of their most recent albums, and when I opened myspace music and saw Nick Jonas advertising his new solo video, I was all over that.

The song is solid, musically sound. Kind of what I'd expect from young Jonas. The video is not a new concept. The band is in a studio session playing and then there are cut aways to regular people in a room holding a card that says "Who I Am" (the song title). At some point each person flips the card over and there is a one word description of "who they are".

This makes me wonder. If I had to flip a card, what would the other side say? Could I really come up with one word that I felt adequately represented me as a person? In my mind, I am Every Woman: I am a wife. A mother. A teacher. A daughter. A sister. A friend. Those are just the things I am to other people. On a deeper level, I am content and peaceful, yet at times overwhelmed and uncertain. I am confident, yet insecure. I am funny and serious. I am a walking contradiction that makes complete sense, and I feel fairly confident that I don't have a word.

I am curious to know though, if you were put to task and had to come up with a word to describe yourself, could you?


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Anonymous said...


Yeah, that's it...because I am a funny friend, mom, neighbor, co-worker, student..all that shiz.



Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

If I really must, I might but since I mustn't, I might.... later. This could take some thought.

Brook said...

Hi there! Dropping by from SITS to say, "Hello"! I hope you have a fabulous day! Best wishes for the new year.

Kindest regards,