The Dress Code For My Current Hobby Is Pajamas

I've recently decided I'd like to learn how to play golf. It's so mellow. It looks like a vacation more than a sport. For example, Matt and I were catching a little bit of the U.S. Open and at one point the announcers pointed out that you could see the ocean in the distance beyond where the golfer was preparing to hit the little ball toward the hole. It landed in a sand trap or something like that. Maybe that was his strategy. Like I said, I don't play golf.

Seriously though, how many other sports have ocean views? Or require you to wear dress pants to participate? Honestly you can go straight from the golf course to church.

Come to think of it, he's better dressed than most of the people at church.

As I see it, the polo and dress pant are for the casual golfer. If you intend to be taken seriously as a professional golfer, you should wear a cardigan or at the very least a sweater vest.

Believe it or not this is why I haven't started golfing yet. I'm wrought with feelings of inadequacy when it comes to the dress code. I haven't worn a visor since high school. Is it a look I can still pull off? Then there is the whole plaid pants issue. I might have been able to work with that, but now I see the leading golfers are doing stripes.

For the record, I find these pants ugly. I suppose the silver lining is that vertical stripes are thinning. I'm a firm believer that ugly is a small price to pay for looking thinner.

I guess it's decided then. I'll begin golfing shortly after I raise the eighty dollars it costs to purchase those pants. Oh and I should probably get some clubs too. I might not be able to afford the pants and the clubs. Obviously, in that situation I'll have to get the pants. Unless of course there are a kind of golf clubs that will make me look skinny.


blueviolet said...

They look like baseball player pants!

Kathy said... they have nude golfing, anywhere? Just kidding!

How about those cute little tennis shorts?

I think you should opt for the loudest pair of slacks you can possibly find!

just call me jo said...

We watched U.S. Open too. You didn't show the winner's (McDowell)
hideous Mr. Rogeresque cardigen and the one with black and white, skin tight plaid. Tiger looked like a used car salesman (but snakier). Good golf. Hideous fashion. Not all golfers look this bad, do they? Or have I just not been watching for a long time. It was distressing.

Sara said...

See and I've always felt like golfers are the most stressed out people in "sports".

However, you could totally be the Johnny McEnroe of golf. I would pay to watch that.

tbsomeday said...

'round these parts you can wear what you just have to bring a cooler of beer along
i've only golfed a couple times in my whole life...and as a fairly athletic person i was horrified at how awful i was at it
seriously--you just have to hit a's like bowling to me...seems simple but it's not

that said--it's a grand time ...espeically if you suck--you get so many more turns than everyone else :)

Uptown Girl said...

good idea.
also, watching golf on tv can be very relaxing. It puts me right to sleep.

Amanda said...

My hubby can rock a pair of plaid pants -- however, he' still a crappy golfer! I used to try it occasionally with my ex. he loved golf so much but I'd always get way too pissed off and throw something. It was bad.

Damaris Boylan said...

I agree with you, Bethany. Golf is one of the softest sports to play. From the mechanics of the game to the view of the venue, you'll be more relaxed than strain from a little stretching, flexing and walking during the game. It's the best sport to contribute on your health and wellness. =)

Damaris Boylan