World Peace Could Be Achieved If We'd All Just Listen To Alan Thicke

The day after Harvey's big bash I noticed he was looking a bit disheveled. I chalked it up to hard partying and staying up all night playing with his new yarn mouse that I had spent 3.5 minutes creating. However it quickly became apparent that his hard partying ways were spiraling out of control and we planned an intervention. Out of respect for Harvey no pictures of his intervention were taken. The intervention did not go as we had hoped. We discovered that Harvey's symptoms were not, in fact, the result of all the hard drugs he's on, but from an tumor under his tongue. It is inoperable and at nine this morning I will be taking steps to ensure that Harvey doesn't have to struggle through any more symptoms before this tumor gets the best of him.

I explained to the kids that Harvey was going to heaven and Mallory was pretty broken up about it, but seems to have made a nice recovery. She and her brother have already decided that our next pet will be a dolphin. No doubt Mallory will want to name it Selena Gomez and Anthony will cry until we name it Michelangelo. Personally I'm not convinced that a dolphin will be able to fill Harvey's shoes. Especially since dolphins don't have any feet.

Part of me is hoping that I'll get to the vet and they look at him and be all, "Oops, we were wrong about that whole tumor thing." But I know they won't.

This post is a total downer.

How's this for a pick me up: My mom's cancer is killing itself. You may read that sentence again if it didn't make any sense. Without the use of any medications my mom's cancer appears to be dying off. Her doctor was so amazed that she sent my mom's medical reports to Beth Israel Hospital in NYC for review. There's no final word on it yet, but so far all the latest test results have supported this finding. This kind of news is so awesome that I believe that doctors should deliver it with jazz hands. And maybe they should sing a little too.

Perhaps a nice rock ballad or TV theme show. At times like this I always think of Alan Thicke and a little tune he penned for a show called The Facts of Life.

 You take the good. You take the bad. You take them both and there you have: The Facts of Life.

Alan Thicke, your wisdom is unparalleled. 
Except for that time you decided posing for the cover of PlayGirl was a good idea.
That decision was questionable at best.


coach said...

I am going to miss Harvey alot. What a great cat!

tbsomeday said...

how can you still make me laugh in a sad post?
"dr's should have delivered the news with jazz hands"
that makes my brain laugh long after my mouth stopped
you are a funny girl
i'm ELATED to hear about your mother!!
big woohoo jumps up and down for that :)
lol--still laughing about the mental image of dr's delivering news with jazz hands....lololol

i'm very sorry
making the choice to send our friends to heaven is always difficult
i've had to do it myself because of the big c word
it's awful...but, like they say...a wonderful last gift to give

cancer can bring a lot of suffering...and animals don't let on about suffering per genetic programing
so know you are doing the right thing
big hugs

ps--i vote no on the don't want to eplain a flipper suicide incident to the kids

The Boob Nazi said...

Cancer sucks. My Bffff's mom is in the hospital right now because of it.

Shell said...

How amazing about your mom's cancer! :)

LMAO @ Alan Thicke on the cover of Playgirl.

Sara said...

That's unbelievably wonderful news about your mother! Wow, how incredible.

So sorry to hear about your cat, though. I had to take my dog to be put down and I'm still not sure I'm over it.

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my gosh I am SO sorry about Harvey!!!! That is just terrible, I hate losing a pet. It's just devasting, I'm sorry!

Dione said...

I think I'm in denial. I mean, it seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating his birthday! (I was there in spirit)

I didn't even know you had a cat... You think you know someone... RIP Harvey

I'm so pleased to hear about your mom. She must have great faith! That and the prayer and faith of those who love her!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

still excited about your mom, but so sorry to hear about your cat. . .and the facts of life rocked.

Kat from California said...

Sorry about Harvey. I had a cat die of cancer. She died in my arms 5 days after she was diagnosed. I was at the emergency vet and was going to have her put to sleep. The poor baby couldn't breath and just died while I held her. Even though it's been 5 years since Callie died, I still cry. Harvey lived a good long life and I'm glad you enjoyed him.

What year was that Alan Thicke picture taken? lol


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Harvey. He was one of the guys.

I love your humor and how you can take an event and turn it around into something hilarious. I think we need to start giving doctors sparkle gloves for delivering good news. Jazz hands!

Michelangelo the dolphin sounds like a really cool pet. If you have a birthday party for him, PLEASE invite me!

How on earth did you remember the theme song to "Facts of Life"? I can't even remember my own name most days!

One more question: How did Alan Thicke (and Mick Jagger for that matter) manage to get on the cover of Play Girl fully clothed - and with a jacket too?