Remember That Time I Threw A Birthday Party For My Cat?

Cat and Mouse

This child informed me that "tomorrow is Harvey's birthday." Now I'm fairly certain that "tomorrow" was not Harvey's actual birthday, but since I have no idea when such date is I figured that "tomorrow" was as good a day as any to celebrate. I realize that some of you are appalled that a mother wouldn't know her own child's birthday. But here it is, the secret I've kept for 13 years. I'm not Harvey's birth mother.

I pulled my best Brangelina before Brangelina even knew each other and adopted Harvey from the wilds of the African jungle. The circumstances surrounding his birth were exceptionally dramatic. There were gorillas involved. I know you're dying to correct my spelling and tell me it's guerrillas but no, there were actual gorillas at his birth. He almost died. So I'm sure you understand now why there was no birth certificate issued and thus I do not know his actual birthday.

Since this was Harvey's 13th birthday (that's 92 in cat years I believe), we wanted to do his birthday up right. The kids and I took it very seriously and held an emergency meeting the morning of the party to plan it. We made an extensive list.

This list included making a "Happy Meowday" banner and a cake out of cat food. No expense was spared. We briefly toyed with the idea of inviting other cats to party but none were able to make it on such short notice.

Ryan made it.

 This is a great picture. Just three of the guys sitting on the couch, eating some pizza and sausage, wearing some kitty ears and talking fantasy baseball.

Happy Meow-day (yes, I threw a b-day party for my cat. It was for the kids. ;)
The party was awesome. Notice the killer banner in the background and the amazing turnout. Also there were incredible games like MouseTrap and everyone did a shot of milk. Things got so crazy that at one point Ryan ate a mouse whole while I snapped this picture.

As we all know, no party is complete without cake and even though Harvey cannot partake in the sugary goodness of frosting, that doesn't mean we shouldn't.

"Never go full retard."
Everytime I look at one of these kitty cupcakes (yes, they are supposed to be kitty faces) I think of this scene in the movie Tropic Thunder.

As successful as the party was, there is no denying that those kitty cupcakes went full retard. I suppose it's just as well since eating cupcakes with cat faces on them at a party where the guest of honor is a cat is just creepy. My sincerest apologies, Harvey.

Oh who are we kidding, you're a cat and can't read that apology. Plus, as scary as those cupcakes looked, they were delicious. DE-LISH. I'd eat them again. Even in front of an audience of cats.

I may have had too much sugar at the party. That's my excuse and I'm clinging to it.


Kathy English said...

I love it! The cat cupcakes were cute, and I like that the party guests were wearing little cat ears :-) Harvey is so lucky!

tbsomeday said...

haha! what a great party! you are such a good momma--to the human kind and the kitty kind
what a special day for harvey--happy belated birthday!
i LOVED the picture of the guys in the kitty ears--they are such good sports
you are all such a fun family...i bet i'd laugh and laugh if i ever ended up in the same room with ya'll
what a fun monday post!

coach said...

The sad part about those ears is I believe that I was wearing them for a good hour and a half. I looked up and noticed that I was the last one with them on. Hey I don't care though. I am secure with my manhood.


Ry said...

I enjoyed Harvard's 13th B-day Party. It was a glorious gathering.

I did not enjoy the following day however, since i forgot to take my share of the cupcakes.

I was lonely, sad, and cupcakeless.

Punk said...

I'm torn. On one hand, I'm happy for Harvey, and I'm thrilled for your family to be be privileged to celebrate such a momentous occasion. However, on the other hand, I'm so sad for Ryan, who returned home cupcakeless. Cupcakeless!! That's just tragic.

Bethany said...

We ate your cupcakes. Mwhahahahaha!

Yankee Girl said...

You played mouse trap? I so wish I was there!

Dione said...

No... You are seriously awesome. Your cat is so lucky to have you. Has Harvey figured this out yet? If not, you should tell him.

Kat from California said...

I realized that I left my comment in the wrong spot (on Cassiopeia's site). I loved that you gave your cat a party when your child suggested it. That makes you a great and spontaneous mom. I admire people like you and I especially enjoyed your sense of humor about the whole experience. I didn't get my cats from the jungle, but from the local shelter. I got two sisters that are 5 now. You can see their pictures at my blog. Have a great day. Katharine