At Least My Kids Will Be Cultured

Me: Anthony why don't you talk about dinosaurs anymore?

Anthony: I do sometimes. Who do you like better: CM Punk or Rey Mysterio? (Two WWE wrestlers. Yes, he knows their names, birth dates and social security numbers.)

Matt: I was explaining to the kids how wrestling has gone in eras. First was Hulk Hogan, then...(blah blah blah. I was listening, Matt, really I was.)...then Ric Flair, Stone Cold...(yeah you get the point already b/c this goes on for awhile.)

Mallory: Who is Ric Flair?

Matt: (looks at Mallory in pained disbelief) I have so much to teach you kids.

I thought I had a heavy responsibility to teach our kids reading, writing, math, history and science, but I never once considered what a burden Matt carried having to teach these kids about Ric Flair and all things WWE. My prayers are with you, Matt.


Sara said...

I understand this.

Today, I was talking to a gal merely one year younger than me. I referred to someone as looking like a Fraggle and she gave me a blank look.

I said, "You know, like Fraggle Rock?"

And she said, "I've never seen it."


tbsomeday said...

lol...oh your poor dear girl is going to need to take a summer class in american history

ps--i know who the fraggles are pp :)

Ry said...

LOL i can see Matt's Face turn as Mallory asks who Ric Flair is. lol

Fraggle Rock had the greatest intro of all time.

coach said...

I merely instructed my children on how Wrestling has gone over the years. I think they kind of grasped that, but when they didn't know who the 16 time world heavyweight champion was, I realized there is still alot of work I have to do with them.

Kathy said...

I remember Fraggle Rock, and the Muppet Show.

In class last night the prof. asked, in reference to a poem we'd read, how many of us shine our shoes. She, I, and two others raised our hands - and we were all "older, non-traditional" students. Polishing shoes is defintely a generational thing.

My brother makes sure his kids are well-educated and will understand all references to Bugs Bunny and Tom&Jerry cartoons.

Amanda said...

My thoughts and prayers go to out to him...what a burden. Because I mean, if you don't know how to do do math, who cares...if you don't know the names of wrestlers, you're screwged.