A Romantic Getaway With My Husband To Visit The "Other Man"

Every year for the past few years whenever Matt has asked me where I wanted to go on vacation, I've answered the same thing: Rochester, N.Y. in August. Finally, after years of begging and crying and suffering, Matt has relented and is taking me to Rochester. It's only a day trip but I am unreasonably excited. Why would someone be so excited to go to a hot, humid, beach-free city for vacation, you ask?

Because that's where my Buffalo Bills are right now. In case you are wondering what they are doing there, it's training camp time. Training camp is when they start to implement what the team will use in the coming season and practice that as a team. They let the fans come and watch. For free.*

I know you are already in your car, GPSing directions to St. John Fishers College so you to can experience men practicing football. All those repetitive drills and whistles blowing. Oh my gosh, I want to sniff the inside of a sweaty helmet. It's almost more than I can handle.

Just as my obsession excitement hits fever pitch, I talk myself down by reminding myself of a story my brother stopped by to tell me this week. It's amazing how people just show up when you don't expect them and say just what you need to hear when you need to hear it.

Justin recently went to Nashville for a Christian Music Conference of some kind that I'm not totally familiar with, but he informed me that he was the chaperone for twelve teens. When they met up for the first time, Justin sat them all down and looked them each in the eye and said to them, "I cannot guarantee that you will meet anyone famous this week. I cannot guarantee that you will make contacts in the music business that will further your career. But what I can guarantee is that tonight while you are asleep, I will pee in every single one of your mouths."

Such rational and calming words of wisdom. While I didn't need the part about further my career as I have no immediate plans to pursue a career in the NFL, the rest speaks to me. Actually, I'm so afraid that some stranger that I've just met will attempt to pee in my mouth while I'm away, Matt and I have decided to drive home after the practice rather than stay in a dive-y  high-end hotel. Finally, even though it's not a guarantee, I'm bringing my camera should I get the opportunity to get a picture with a sweaty, hairy QB at any point.

Fingers crossed.

*I realize that going to observe training camp is the equivalent of coming to your office and sitting next to you while observing how you accomplish your daily tasks and that being this excited about it makes me a dork of tragic proportions. In spite of this, I don't care. I'm excited to watch grown men work. It's kind of like a Diet Coke break really.


Kathy English said...

I will never view a chaperone in quite the same light, again.

Sara said...

Oh my gosh, I'd give a finger to go to the Cubs training camp in Arizona.

Different sport, but same passion.

Shell said...

Have fun!

I'm a Steelers girl *ducking and running*

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

um, so when they say everyone has a dream, yours is to smell stinky helmets. Nice. ENJOY!! (It has to be more fun than where I'm at this weekend. . .)

tbsomeday said...

i love to witness dreams coming true....this is sort of on the lines of the make a wish foundation...your husband is a saint :)

ps--peeing in mouths at a christian event? god works in mysterious ways

Kelly said...

I am so glad you are going to get to do this! How fun for you. Football isn't my thing but I am glad you get to go. I would also advise sleeping with your mouth closed around your brother. Yuck!