Sometimes I Lie

So I started writing a Christmas post tonight, but I've decided to procrastinate posting it. I was concerned about not posting anything at since the last time I procrastinated blogging it lasted three months. So I was thinking about a quick picture post. Everyone loves pictures.

Naturally I couldn't decide on a picture myself, so I asked Jessica if I should post an Ultrasound picture or something weird. Honestly who doesn't love a good Darth Vader in a football helmet picture? Then it occurred to me: ultrasound pictures are kind of weird. What's weirder than a person with another person inside of them? If you think about it pregnant women are like Russian nesting doll.

To further my argument that ultrasound pictures should fall into the weird category, during my first pregnancy I couldn't help but feel like I was in the movie Alien. I half expected Mallory to burst from my abdomen Alien style and begin to terrorize the planet. In my defense I was kind of right, but instead of her ripping through my abdomen someone else cut me open and pulled her out.

Let's try to put that last paragraph behind us and gaze at the life form currently controlling my life and body.

I think she has my coloring.

For those of you that aren't into ultrasound pictures I was trying to think of something you might enjoy. Then I realized that belly pictures are all the rage. Everyone seems to love to see other women's bellies grotesquely distended. While it's not really my cup-of-tea I thought I should throw you guys a bone so here it is: My almost six month belly shot.

Or that might be Gisele Bundchen. I keep getting us mixed up.


just call me jo said...

So funny. "Might be Gisele..." Ah, ha, ha, snort! That's how I live my life--mixing up me and super models. I'm sure they do the same thing with us "common" folks at the center of their daydreams. (BYW I think those nesting dolls are way creepier than ultrasounds.)

tbsomeday said...

i love belly pictures :)
you make me laugh

u/s is beautiful!
both the u/s and baby movements freaked my husband out--totally the alien thing for him
i had a 3d/4d u/s with my 3rd baby--ugh--looked like she had something really wrong with her
it was strange and cool
but a lot strange

Dione said...

Is it a girl? How fun! I've missed you! One of these days both you and I gotta get blogging again. You're doing much better than I - but I did change my pictures and layout today!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Fabulous. Simply fabulous.

Don't nesting dolls usually have AT LEAST 3 layers though? Hm?

Okay. I can't think of a better example. You win.

Amanda @ It's Blogworthy said...

Well I basically just dropped off the blog planet for a long time and missed your whole pregnancy. My bad! But congrats and yes, pregnant women are like nesting dolls...for real.