My Thoughts On The 2009 Buffalo Bills Season

The 518 was originally supposed to go to Buffalo for the final Bills' game of the season, but not even Peyton Manning  (he played the Bills today) could convince me to drive into 2 feet of snow for football. So I celebrated the end of the Bills' season from the warmth and comfort of my own living room. Although if Trent Edwards' personally invited me I would have gone since the 518 already turned him down when he asked us to play at his New Year's Eve Party. We already had a gig at my house. You know how it is when your band is in high demand.

If you've been reading this blog since July you are no doubt very long suffering and also you might recall that I was very excited at the beginning of the football season. The beginning of football season is really a time of hope and fresh starts. Of new beginnings and sweaty tanned men in football uniforms. Ah, happy sigh.

Now that the Bills season is over, I thought I'd give you a well thought out, thoroughly researched report on the season. After all, well thought out and researched posts are what this blog is known for.

Here are the details that you don't care about: this season the Bills have fired their head coach, benched their starting quarterback, been labeled as having the worst offensive line in football and are straight-up painful to watch.

Those are the facts, people. I have so many feelings on this season. None of them are good, but I find that my feelings can best be summed up by quoting my hottie Quarterback,

Well said, Mr. Edwards, well said.


The Boob Nazi said...

I haven't watched football regularly since I graduated high school. I regret nothing.

Punk said...

Your QB, he is so expressive.

I have nothing more to add but I reciprocate your love by commenting. ;-)

coach said...

It was a real tough season. At times I felt like crying lol. Why must this team do this to me year in and year out. One day probably when I die this team will be good. For now though I will continue to suffer along with the entire Bills nation. Please Bills get better! Question is can you get any worse?

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Oh.. Coach really asked if they could get any worse?! That's like a dare!

We were hoping the Raiders would pull out a win yesterday but John wasn't too confident; he was reluctant to watch. Now that my Steelers are done for the year... I can anticipate watching MORE football because that's how John rolls.
My regrets for your football season.

Christy said...

at least your not the rams
that's all i could add

Dione said...

I've always been drawn to the underdogs. You were such a fan that I figured they were kinda good. Now that I know they suck, they are my team. Go Bills!

My New Years Resolution:
Watch a Buffalo Bills game.

Punk said...

Dione, I adore you. Your comments always make me laugh.