It's All About The Benjamins

In these hard economic times it's important to have a plan if you should say, lose your job. Maybe put a little money into savings or even have a back-up plan for how to make money. The other day Bella and I were in the car and we had the following conversation. I think she might be on to something.

Bella: When a tooth falls out you put it under your pillow and get money?

Me: Yes

Bella: So the tooth fairy is real?

Me: Uh, I guess you can just put a tooth under your pillow and see what happens.

Bella: Do you get like a little toy or something when you put your tooth under your pillow?

Me: No, just money.

Bella: Why do you get money? It's just a stinkin' tooth!

Me: I don't know

Bella: Can I put a fingernail under my pillow and get money?

Me: No, just teeth.

Bella: But I want money.

I think this is a viable plan. Toothless is a good look, I see it around here all the time. It's not gross at all.


Anonymous said...

After reading this all i wanna do is hug my niece!

Mr. Punk said...

Hmmm fingernail under the pillow... I don't think that will work, but I do admit "The Fingernail Fairy" does have a nice ring to it...

I do have some further questions though:

What happens if you put money under your pillow? Can you get some teeth? Or is this a one-way economy?

Is there a direct deposit or PayPal option?

Are all the teeth of equal value, or are certain ones more valuable than others? Are we going for quality or quantity?

Does the tooth fairy only accept human teeth? Does the tooth owner need to be of the living?

Is there anyway the tooth fairy might pay-out for teeth in advance of their extraction? Perhaps a right to ownership contract could be penned.

Yes, I'm the kid who eventually found a stash of baby teeth in my Mom's room and wondered just what the heck she was doing with all these teeth and why she haden't cashed in on this obvious gold mine.

Missy said...

@MR.Punk The Tooth Fairy only collets teeth she does not share.

As for your other questions you'll have to contact her attorney for a copy of the terms of service. However, I am fairly certain she no longer accepts the teeth of the dead. There was the whole issue of grave robbers.

As for why did your mom hang on to all those teeth, the answer is because she was a wise woman who knew that the economy would one day be like this. Now she has all those teeth and has no need for a 401K. See smart lady, your mom.

Dione said...

My daughter just lost her first tooth. In our household the Tooth Fairy gives a gift for the first tooth - it started when my oldest child (now 19) didn't get a teacher Barbie for Christmas or her birthday. I have 7 children - be careful what you start (er, what the Tooth Fairy starts).