A Trickster Makes Good

The Monday after my mom's party I promised I would write about it just as soon as I had some pictures. On Friday I was over to my parents' house and scrounged some up. I had to hold my dad at gunpoint for them but I'm willing to do whatever it takes for you guys. Don't you forget it.
It was a great party. The hungry ate, the social chatted and the brave sang karaoke. Oh, how I wish someone had taken some video. We heard everything from Pat Benatar, to a father/son duet of the Star Spangled Banner. Simon Cowell would have had a field day. No, seriously, you all looked great...how you sounded on the other hand...
A lot of people came out. People I haven't seen in years. It was nice to catch up with all of them. All of my mom's sisters were able to make it. My Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bill drove 10 hours to come to the party of the half century. And in a fun twist my Aunt Cindi, who also came in from out of state, was a last minute surprise to the party. She's a pretty tricky girl, herself. My Aunt Joy (not pictured) was also there. With them living in three different states it's not often they all get to be together at the same time so it was a pretty cool occasion.
Here my mom is making the rounds saying hi to other party-goers. I show you this picture to point out that she is still holding the dog she was holding in the previous picture. That's Abby. She goes everywhere. I'm not kidding. Everywhere. That is quite possibly the most loved dog that has ever lived.

No, that's not Abby in human form. She's not a shape shifter. (I should probably stop watching sci-fi shows.) She actually possesses no superpowers. It's my mom and sister-in-law, Mrs. Birdie. Mrs. Birdie has the superpower of being able to caption any photo with a joke about a fart or burp. Go to it Mrs. Birdie. We're counting on you.
There were only 2 pictures of Homegirl. One was of her back while she worked in the kitchen and then there was this one. A spectacular side-shot of her on one of her rare outings out of the kitchen. However, she did come out of the kitchen long enough to make my mom put on a flashing button that said "Birthday Girl" I think. We got a kick out of it because my mom hates to draw attention to herself. She was mortified to have to walk down the aisle in front of guests for her wedding, but that's a story for a different day I think.Let's be honest. Cake is most of the reason that anyone comes to a party. You know aside from liking the guest of honor and having the opportunity to be mocked by a crowd of people while you sing karaoke.
Are you loving the cake? My dad came up with that. Clever, no? As someone pointed out to me, now that I'm 29, that means I have 21 more chances to "get it right" before I turn 50.
I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be "getting right". Any help here? Anyone?


Dione said...

Your mom is adorable! Where is the picture of you? As for getting it right - I've got one more decade to figure it out.

Mr. Punk said...

"29 for the 21st time". I racked my brain a bit too hard over that little phrase and had to reach out for help to bring me back from the brink of a mathematics-induced comatose. A little longer and I'd be in a corner, sweating, mumbling something about math and chocolate cake.

It all started with the question: Wouldn't 29 for the 21st time describe the formula 29 x 21, and equal 609 years old?

I think I understand it now (thank you Mrs. Punk and un-named co-worker). But, if you are counting the first time Mom was 29, 50 years old would be the 22nd time. Man, I want cake so bad now.

Missy said...

So Mr. Punk, what you are saying is that I have 22 years to get it right? And by get it right you mean basic math?

Dione, I have only one picture of me from the party. I chose not to share it because I don't enjoy my own picture (there's a reason my profile picture is of me as a child) but maybe I'll share it tomorrow. I don't know. We'll see if I can be worn down on this.

Mrs.Birdie said...

Missy, you're worried about YOUR picture? Look at the one you put up of me....YUCK! I always take 2 kinds of pictures. Ones where I look at the picture and go "Do I really look like that?!", OR ones where I look at the picture and go "Oooo....I look good!"

So you wanted a fart/burp story....I'll give you one way back when Jay and I had our first conversation alone.

:::screen blurs and wiggles back and forth::::

It was a spring day in 2003. Location: Kristen's apartment. While Kristen and Kenny were having their own conversation in the kitchen, Jay and I started talking and fooling around with kristen's keyboard in the living room. One of the first things that attracted me to Jay was his sense of humor, so he always had me cracking up. While we were sitting on the couch, I laughed and accidentally let out a little fart. It was so quiet, and I was so horrified, that I acted as if nothing happened and kept talking. That's when Jay, being the classy guy that he is, interrupted me to say "DID YOU JUST FART?! HAHAHAA!! IF THAT SMELLS THAT'S AWESOME!!" I wanted to die and laugh at the same time! I said "yeah" and acted like it was no big deal, which he thought was hilarious. I think that's the day I fell in love...

To this day he retells the story that it was so loud, it sounded like I practically pooped my pants in front of him. I don't think so...

Punk said...

Mrs. Birdie, I think I just fell in love with you. Omigosh, just for the time- warp wiggle...

Mr. Punk, after going back and forth far too times over this ridiculous phrase, I still don't understand how your math-traumatized brain wants to multiply. *sigh* I really think you should be praising God right now that you're so cute.

Thanks for the blog and pictures, Missy. I'm sorry that I'm such a blacksheep that I skipped out. Let the record show that I do, indeed, suck.

Also, is that Dad in the second picture looking as though he's about to high-five Abby? Awesome.