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I thought we should take a break from discussing my house cleaning. I know you're disappointed, but I've got something else, dare I say better, in store for you tonight. It's a video, a cautionary tale if you will.
What is the message? I'm not sure. Stay out of the ocean along the Maine coast? If you wear a rain slicker to Red Lobster you might get attacked by a giant lobster? Don't drink and plan pranks?
So listen to the Curse of Cheddar Bay. I hope that you learn something or at least take a moment of silence for the lost children the next time you bite into a cheddar bay biscuit at Red Lobster.
A special thank you goes out to Mr. Punk for wasting his time while finding this video and then feeling the need to waste our time by asking us to watch it. I know you will always be there for me when I should be doing something else.

The Curse of Cheddar Bay Prank - Watch more Funny Videos


Mr. Punk said...

You're welcome! Actually, I feel quite productive having wasted time wasting your time wasting everyone elses time.

Punk said...

Omigosh, I'm so turned on right now with that complicated sentence. I wonder if I could diagram it.

Mr. Punk, you complete me.

Oh, right, nice blog, Missy. How old do you think the ol' fisherman was when he started having kids?

Mr. Punk said...

@Punk: You had me at "Omigosh".