Being Me Does Have It's Priviledges

Tonight my friend CeCe called me. I've been expecting her call, but I thought for sure that it would come sometime last week. It was the Harry Potter call. Normally she goes to see each movie on it's opening day but this time she couldn't miss work. Darn those adult responsibilities.
We were trying to figure out when our schedules would allow us to get together and I suggested tonight. I thought for sure she would say that the late show was out of the question as she had to work in the morning. Instead, she became giddy. Giddy like a thirteen year old girl when a boy she likes smiles at her. Just like that, we had a last minute date with Harry Potter.
The movie didn't start until 10 which means that I didn't get home until 1:50 and the only reason I'm bothering to write anything down this late is because I love Homegirl and would hate to find out that she didn't have anything to read while she drank her morning coffee.
Since it's now after two and I'd like to get to bed I've decided to grace you with a fine video that Braden made me re watch earlier today. It's a personal favorite of his and in all honesty, I love it too. I made everyone in my family watch it when it first came out over Christmas last year.
Without further ado, singing football players.
As they say in England, Happy July.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love that Justin Jenkins! -mom-

Dione said...

I think Marshawn has been hit in the head too many times. I was waiting for Trent Edwards - why didn't they have him sing the 5 golden rings?