What Do Rum And Coke And Harry Potter Have In Common?

The kids at Hogwarts are getting older but no they don't have a kegger in the sixth movie. (did I give away too much?) There is a lot of talk of snogging though and who doesn't love snogging?

Homegirl and I made plans to meet at the community orpheum at 11:40 for the 12:01 showing. At some point I decided that I couldn't sit around my house waiting anymore and I left for the theater ridiculously early. I was straight-up giddy for my Harry Potter fix.

I headed to Dunkin Donuts for a pre-movie latte. When I pulled into the DD parking lot I realized that they had closed at 11. How could they let me down like that? It's like they don't love me the way I love them. Oh the heartbreak.

I headed to the theater, minus my latte and possibly a little teary-eyed. I ended up arriving at 11:25. I stood outside waiting for Homegirl and watched people show up. They came in groups of 6 and 10 and then a group of like 20 people showed up. No lie, 20. I started to wonder how many people this little community theater could hold. Would we actually get to sit together? Or, would this be like the time my mom and I went to see The Blair Witch Project and had to sit one behind the other? I'll be honest, I expected some people to show up but not as many people as did. The theater was full by showtime, but Homegirl and I still managed to not only sit together but to get pretty good seats.

Just to give you an idea how "community" this theater is, when Homegirl went to the concession I asked her to grab a bottle of water for me. As it turns out, this theater doesn't carry fancy things like lobster tail, Cristal champagne or um, bottled water. What I ended up with was a paper cup with water in it. It may have been tap water. Sketchy. I drank it anyway. That's just the kind of girl I am.

12:01 a.m.
The first preview started and the crowd cheered. When the second preview started, the crowd cheered again. When the movie started, the crowd clapped and cheered and then Homegirl popped a cap in someone. Blood can be kind of sticky.

Now as for a review of the movie, Punk has requested that I give nothing away. Naturally this request tempted me to pretend I was blogging about something else and then give away the entire plot line before she realized what she was reading. Then I realized that the entire plot line has been available for reading since 2005. It's like asking someone not to tell you how Titanic ends. (The boat sinks)
The movie (Harry Potter not Titanic) was delightful, entertaining, funny and full of the plot previously divulged by J.K. Rowling. It left me totally excited for the seventh movie. A film I feel certain is already complete and ready to be released to the public but that the studio will hold captive until 2012 just to torture me. Clearly it's a conspiracy.

Homegirl and I now share a love for the movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. However, Homegirl loves Rum and Coke, while I prefer to drink tap water out of a paper cup.


Punk said...

The boat sinks?!

Dione said...

Lucky! About the movie, not the tap water!

coach said...

Only my wife would go to see Harry Potter 6 for a second time tonight and a third time tomorrow night with me. My girl is starting to scare me! After reading about how great the movie theatre sounds I suggest we go to another one. Maybe one that has water in a bottle!