Sometimes I Wonder Where I Come Up With This Stuff. I Think There Must Be Something Wrong With My Brain.

On Saturday night Coach and I hosted a slew of guests. And by "slew" I mean Tony. We thought long and hard about what three 20-somethings should do on a Saturday night and came up with...

SCRABBLE!!!! woo hoo!!! par-tay!!

Now that I look at the board with fresh eyes it starts to look a little like an infomercial. It's begins with words like "kiddy", "diet" and "svelt"* throw in "broil" and "rice" and it's like an advertisement for fat camp.

The fist in the corner of the board is Tony's victory pump. He beat Coach by adding "er" to the word few. It was worth 30-something points. With Scrabble skills like his it's a wonder he's still single. (did you catch that subtle hint, ladies?) The word amoeba is his as well. He's also great with kids, loves his mom and has a good job. Just saying...

You may notice I didn't mention my own score, that's because it was so awesome that I thought you'd all feel bad about yourselves if I shared it with you. I lost. In my defense, it was after midnight by the time we finished the game and my brain wasn't at it's freshest. (I make a lot of excuses. Has anyone else noticed this? No. OK then forget I mentioned it.) Coincidentally, I do most of my blogging after midnight which should explain a lot, I imagine.

After our first game of Scrabble, I had the most awesome idea ever! I was thinking that the boys should let me wax their chests. Doesn't a little Saturday night manscaping sound like fun? They wouldn't go for the hot wax treatment, (pansies) but I did talk them into letting me put eyeliner on them. (I might be in desperate need of a girls night) But we didn't call it eyeliner, because it's much manlier to call it "guyliner." Calling it guyliner makes it so much more punk rock. Much more Billie Joe.

I asked them to "look rock star" and this is what I got. My husband looks gay and Tony looks confused. Very Rock Star.

Upon further examination of Billie Joe I feel I could have gone much heavier with the guyliner, but the boys are new to the world of make-up so we started small. They have just begun to dabble in make-up. Maybe by next weekend's Green Day concert they will be wearing more eyeliner than me (not likely) and sporting black fingernail polish. As a side note, I did try to get them to let me paint their fingernails but it was determined that they weren't rock star enough for it (just yet).

For the next picture they went for the full on "gay face." Does it seem weird to anyone else that they were more into this than being rock stars? Once more my husband managed to pull off "gay' with frightening ease. As for Tony, I have no words. I suppose the ice cream sundae and beer he consumed could be considered very "backstage at a rock show"?**

Is anyone starting to feel bad for Birdie for having to grow up with me as a big sister?

Run, run now! She's got hot wax and eyeliner!

* Yes, I know that some of these words are misspelled. Spell-check told me so. I've told you before I am a terrible speller.

** It has been brought to my attention that some of Tony's friends might judge him harshly for his choice of Saturday night activities. Judge not, I'm pretty sure it wouldn't take that much for any of you to be talked into a little eyeliner. Some of you might have even gone for the nail polish, and I daresay that one or two of you would have been game for a little chest waxing. And even if you insist on denying that you'd stoop to this level, I've met your girlfriends. I'm pretty sure they have dirt on you. Girls talk you know.


Dione said...

Your weekend rocked! The guy pictures took me back to the 80's - I kept thinking Wham! (Do the Jitterbug)

Anonymous said...

I accept no responsibility for this behavior. -mom- P.S. tell coach I want him to be sporting a little guyliner next time I see him.

Punk said...

The thirty-something Punks are formally challenging the twenty-something Missies (*snicker*) to a Scrabble game. We intend to skool you on spelling, vocabulary and the proper rules of the game. However, the mister has stipulated that there will be no waxing or guy-lining involved whatsoever. I amend this condition by allowing that you may apply liberal amounts of gothic eyeliner upon your older sister. What say you?

I want to see Birdie sport eyeliner myself. A boy who had to endure the childhood he did with two older sisters can't have too much dignity left. I remember nail polish and barrettes as part of the torture. Possibly a munchichi nightgown.

Ah, good times.

The Football Wife said...

The men in your life are brave souls! ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug with the ladies. a helping hand in my search for ms. right is always appreciated.

coach said...

Yes I do look awfully gay in those pictures but you know what, I have no problem showing off my feminine side! I tell you one thing though, I would have been a hot lady!

Boston Baked Bums said...

Wow. Thats all I can say. Hilarious but wow.

The Boob Nazi said...

hahaha I was asked last night if I wanted to take a picture of a scrabble board. I politely declined. Or I said, "Why the hell would I want to do that?" Same thing.

JadeLD said...

Photos of the scrabble board - great minds think alike! It's funny to look at the words, I'm surprised we didn't have more food in ours.

Scrabble is totally underrated, it's so much fun. My pink scrabble is pretty damn cool, it's a special edition to raise money for Breast Cancer Care in the UK.