Confessions, Part Deux

Since I clearly hide so much in my regular postings I feel the need to purge myself through confession once again. I will be happy to take whatever punishment you believe necessary for this. I'll also try really really hard to not link every confession to a picture of a boy I find cute this time, unless of course you're into that too...

  • I have maturity issues

  • I don't always brush my hair in the morning, some days I go all day without brushing my hair. I kinda figure if I brush my teeth, I'm good. Honestly how much brushing is really necessary?

  • Last month when I had the flu and a fever of 102.7 I still managed to drag myself out of bed, shower, blow dry and straighten my hair and put on full make-up before collapsing back into bed. Vanity is cruel and foolish.

  • I'm an awful speller. I'm pretty sure if it wasn't for spellcheck and Punk this blog would be unintelligible. (I looked that word up.)

  • When I hear the word google changed into a verb (i.e. I googled Robert Pattinson) it sounds vaguely dirty to me and I spend a moment wondering what exactly it is to "google" someone.

  • I've googled myself before.

  • I've been an odd combination of motivated and tired lately and while some (Mr. Punk) might want to blame my good friend Latte I don't believe it's Latte's fault. Latte wouldn't do that to me. Latte loves me.

  • The Muppet's are awesome and sometimes I just look up this video so "my kids can watch it" *wink wink*. Sometimes when it's over I find myself clapping and crying, "Again, again, I love repetition!" in an English accent.

  • I'm only posting this because I know Punk can't resist clicking the link. As for the rest of you I consider it my civic duty to help you waste your day so you may click the link as well. forgive me.

  • You may have noticed that I made it through a whole post without mentioning or posting a link to a certain Quarterback. It's part of a twelve step program. So here is a video starring Not Trent Edwards.

Try not to judge me, I know I make it hard. But seriously leave a confession in the comment section, I bet you find it very freeing. You might even want to take your bra off when you are done.


Dione said...

I had a rootbeer float for breakfast last week after my kids went to school. AND I hate wearing my bra. With your permission I think I'll remove it right now. Don't know why I even put it on today!

Missy said...

Dione, You might be totally awesome!

mmm...Rootbeer float sounds so yummy.

Mr. Punk said...

I saw Spaceballs before I saw Star Wars...

Bra, off

Punk said...

I was up until nearly 3 am. Writing. And YouTubing Aretha Franklin. For research purposes, of course.

I refuse to take my bra off. I even shower in it. Only the mister knows the truth. *snicker*

And, Missy, this was maybe one of the bestest posts yet, imo. I almost said "awesome" about the Office vid. And I am so predictable about the clicking, aren't I? (Thank you for the yummy Robert Pattinson pic *sniff*) Oh, and I think I know why "google" sounds dirty to you: it's remarkably similar to "ogle," is it not?

Love the not-Trent Edwards vid. Have seen it before. Will probably watch it again in another few weeks, if you have anything to say about it. ;-)

billsrule69_2004 said...

Just to make everyone feel better, I am the guy who youtubes old wcw wrestling events and watches interviews. It may be pathetic but I enjoy it.