Confessions: Hitting the Links

No, we aren't going golfing. Although while we're on the subject, Trent Edwards and his Coach of Continuity played in the celebrity golf tourney over the weekend. They didn't win.
I think that's a record. I only got one sentence into a confessions post before mentioning Trent Edwards (and now I've done it twice).

  • Coach wastes a lot of time on facebook. One of the things he did was create a "list", by Saturday he announced to Tony and I that there were roughly 15 women (including Tiffani Amber Theisan and Stacy Dash) he would leave me for. This might have been because I insisted on putting make-up on him.

  • I don't have a list but in an attempt to keep up with Coach I've begun to compile a list of men that I would leave him for... I've got (the obvious) T.E., Tre Cool of Green Day even though his name is so lame, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr... I have a long way to go before I catch up with his fifteen, but I'm open to suggestions.

  • I love freeze pops. There are only 30 calories so you can eat 3 of them and have only consumed 90 calories (did you catch that stellar math?). That's less than one of those 100 calorie packs they charge you so much for. (did you see that? I not only multiplied, I subtracted as well. My mental prowess is on full display now)

  • Coach and I spent our evening playing Rummy and watching WWE's Monday night RAW. I learned a few things from our time together. 1. I'm totally better at Rummy than I am Scrabble. 2. It's perfectly acceptable for men to go on television in spandex undies and a T-shirt and hang out together. 3. Watching two grown men in spandex undies and T-shirts debate whether Seth Green is more like Hornswaggle or a Hobbit is not a waste of my time. Actually I might even go so far as to say it was the best 13 minutes of my life.

  • As way of an apology for the last confession I give you a few fun music videos. This one is for Tony, since he claims to never have seen it. Click the link.

  • Because I didn't feel that watching wrestling lowered my IQ enough I also tuned in to watch, The T.O. Show on VH1. There were scantily clad women, a "good Christian girl" that hooked up with T.O., T.O. working out in the pool and an entire segment dedicated to discussing a fart that took place during a car ride. I don't know what kind of a loser would dedicate an entire conversation to a fart that took place in a car.

  • According to the facebook quiz which Harry Potter character are you? I'm Luna Lovegood. For those of you unfamiliar with Luna, here's the facebook summerization of her/me. You are a bit odd. Sometimes your friends and others around you just don't get you. You love to daydream and are always off in another world. You're a very good friend though, just a bit distracted sometimes. You are talented and also very firm in your beliefs. You don't care what other people think about you. You're unique and you just love you. hm...frighteningly accurate I'd say.

I'm curious to know. How much of your time did you waste following my ridiculous links?


Dione said...

I love Otter Pops too! I'm impressed that you would check the nutritional information!

Punk said...

Okay, I've taken time from my Our Lady Peace riddled life to click the links. And I have to tell you, Missy, your "Saturday night" looks a lot like our childhood, don't you think? Throw in a little Eric Champion and a sheet artfully draped to resemble a toga of some kind, of course.

And I nearly pulled a Stewie (again! again!) with the Darth Vador vid. Did Mr. Punk send that to you? High-larity.

And I can't watch the wrestling stuff. I just... can't. But, Lord, do I love Seth Green. Oz! If I even remotely understood the idea of a "list," Oz would be on it. Not Seth Green, mind you; no, his fictional Buffy-verse alias. But as I don't get the idea of a "list" -- no one in the world is as exasperating and long-suffering as the mister, which isn't even mentioning how boring every other guy in the world is -- why would I want the guilt? Don't I have enough guilt, what with only feeding my children fifteen times a day despite their protestations of starvation, and the baskets of unfolded, clean laundry that litter my house? No, this is not a trick question. The answer is: yes, my guilt is complete as it is without composing lists of men who trump the mister.

Nothing trumps the man who bought me the deluxe version of Burn Burn the day it was released. Nothing.