The Last Time I Went To The Times Union Center It Was For The Ringling Brother's Circus

It was an exciting weekend over here. First, the kick off for the Bill's training camp, which I followed with embarrassing vigor. I have watched every video, looked at every picture, read every update and then read the analysis of said update.
My husband is as excited as any man would be to have wife that loves a sport and team as much as he does, but I'm pretty sure he was relieved to get me off the computer and go to a certain rock show. I'm not sure if I mentioned before but um, I went to see Green Day this weekend.

I had such a great time. We had floor seats and got all the way up to the stage. I took a picture. It's on my cell phone and I have no way of getting it onto my computer so it's useless. I just thought I'd share that I have a picture. That you can't see. All the other pictures that we have are on Tony's phone and he said he could get them to me by Wednesday. I have faith that he will. That faith may be blind optimism, but still I believe.

No one talked about penis innies on the way to the show. But two things did take place that were of note. First, Tony made fun of Coach's jeans. They argued as to whether or not they were black or dark blue. They were black. According to Tony, black jeans are for losers. Second, as we arrived in Albany Tony realized that he needed a bathroom and rather than use a public one ANYWHERE in Albany he called his friend, the Polish Wonder, and asked if he could stop by to poop. This did not strike the Polish Wonder as weird at all, which strikes me as weird to be honest. The Polish Wonder said yes and before you knew it we were helping ourselves to his toilet paper. We said hi, we peed and we left. Not weird at all.

I know you (and by you I mean Punk) are all sitting at the edge of your seats for the big review about whether or not Green Day pulled six fans on stage and let two of them stage dive into the crowd. Or wondering if Billie Joe mooned the crowd. Was there a man in a thong? Did a man in a bunny costume come out between bands and drink two beers for no reason? Was there gratuitous use of a toilet paper gun? Was there so much toilet paper on the instruments of the opening act that they could barely play them? Did Coach wrap toilet paper around his neck like a boa? Did they at any point spray popcorn on stage like it was confetti? Did Tre Cool wear a woman's hat? Were all of the boys from both bands dressed in black jeans? Did Billie Joe sing a verse from the musical Sweet Charity? Was there a man dressed up like a woman with a parasol and a man in hot pants? Did Billie Joe tell a story about getting drunk and peeing in a closet? Did all of The Bravery's songs sound the same? Did anyone care what their music sounded like because they were so wildly entertained by the people dressed up as birds, pandas, tigers and Mexican wrestlers wandering around onstage?

Yes. To all of the above. Even without the elephants, it was a way bigger circus than The Ringling Brother's have ever dreamed of having.
It is now 2:46 and even my insomniac sister has had the good sense to go to bed. So you guys have been great. Thank you and Goodnight!!

*This picture doesn't belong to me. Not only did I not take this picture it's not even from the same concert I went to. I lifted this picture from some flicker account. Darn sticky fingers.


Dione said...

Well, I for one have been waiting up all night for this post. Like Punk, I have been wondering all those very same questions. I'm relieved to hear that it is all affirmative. Now I can go to sleep!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked and appalled by this behavior. Bring your phone over maybe we can get the pictures off and on to the computer.-mom-

coach said...

This concert was awesome! Who would think that we would pretty much be in the front row at Green Day. Both groups were awesome and it was cool because Missy here was having such a great time even though she got about as sweaty as a hmmmm can't say what I was thinking!

Punk said...

Missy, you are awesome. And your blog was awesome. And I am speechless.


I have to go repress Coach's comment now...