How You Doin', Mr. QB?

On Saturday night as I got out of the car to head to the Enshrinement Ceremony I dropped my cute new purse and spilled the contents out. On the side of the road. Awesome. The result of this was that I broke the camera. Like beyond repair. Because of this there is no photographic evidence of Trent and I meeting.
Or of him professing his undying love to me.
Or of our last minute flight to Vegas.

All right so none of that happened except for the broken camera stuff. Whatever. So here's the real story.

Coach, G.G. and I took our seats (front row, sweet sweet seats). We watched all of the former NFLers that were already Hall of Famers arrive in their gold (canary yellow) jackets. (It's one of the perks of being a Hall of Famer, the yellow jacket. Canary yellow is so cool.) Then someone said, "Hey look it's Trent." Sure enough he was walking right towards our section. He stopped every few feet to sign autographs for kids and then he stopped once and solved the economic crisis and yes, he looked super cute doing it even with that long hair. Everyone around us was screaming, "Trent, Trent!!!" or maybe that was just me.

As he walked past G.G. yelled, "Trent, lead us to the promised land." He so laughed at her. Then he was gone.

Can you make him out in my high quality cell phone picture. Let me help you find him. He's the one looking at the camera. Clearly looking for me. He could sense my presence.

Oh my gosh, so the Enshrinement Ceremony was really cool. Probably my favorite part of the weekend. Naturally I had to pee before we went back to the car so I used the men's locker room. Seriously. I did. This has nothing to do with the story at hand but I felt like sharing anyway.

As I'm working my way through the crowd back to the car, G.G. stops me and was all, "Missy, Missy, look look!" So I look. There he is. Trent sitting on a bus with his back to us. So I laugh and joke that I'm going to take a picture of the back of his head. I am a silly silly girl. Then some crazy stranger takes a running leap and smacks the window of the bus to get Trent's attention. He turned and waved at the crowd.
By this point G.G. and I had lost our minds. She's all "GET A PICTURE! GET A PICTURE!" and I'm laughing so hard that I can't hold the phone steady. I managed to snap a picture and then I looked down to see it. Turns out I was laughing so hard I didn't get Trent in the picture at all. I ended up taking a picture of the side of the bus instead.

Coach said that we made such fools of ourselves that Ryan Denney (another Buffalo Bill on the bus) was watching us and laughing. We are kind of awesome. So here it is. A picture of the back of Trent's head. You're welcome


Dione said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you! It sounds like you had a great time!

I saw a Turtles girl action figure on clearance at Target the other day. I just about bought it, but then I remembered that my kids aren't into that - it's yours.

Anonymous said...

Your cell phone has fantastic picture taking abilities. That sounds like it has super powers. maybe...

coach said...

So I was sitting there and Trent walks by and my wife pretty much goes nuts. I then proceded to tell the guy behind me that I think she would leave me for Trent. Do I really believe that? Well no but it's a funny joke around here. Actually if you think about it he is smarter than me (Stanford Education) Stronger than me (230lbs of muscle, I am fat) Better looking than me (come on people we all know this)So what exactly is keeping her with me hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? He is single too lol. There is always the punch to the balls I guess and I would do that for her so there Trent!

Punk said...

Omigosh, Missy, this story was still funny even though I totally *heard it in person last night.*

You know that Trent is perfect. Signs autographs for children. Turns *slowly* to pose for cellphone pictures. Laughs at Promised Land jokes. Perfect. Why aren't you actually stalking him? Why I say?

Coach, I'd start toning up now if you want to keep her.

Dione, the other day, we were in Target and found an April (from Ninja Turtles) action figure as well, and I had flashbacks to this blogs and crazy eyes, and I'm pretty sure I stood there staring at that plastic action figure snickering. Mr. Punk, on the other hand, almost bought it. There's something wrong with him I think.

Two days until my 10th anniversary!!! Six days to OLP in Boston!!! Woooooooooooooooo!!