The Plight Of Man

For those of you who aren't familiar, in the beginning of the Bible when man first sins God hands down punishment. Among the many punishments handed down God told man that he would toil in the land all the days of his life and oh yeah, he'd eventually die.

This weekend I have discovered yet another of the punishments that God gave man.

Coach is on vacation with two women. Today in Canton G.G. said she needed to pee. So I mentally located the closest bathroom that wasn't a port-a-potty and informed her of it's location and amount of time it would take to get there. I may have known how many stalls there were and what color the doors were painted as well. Coach then pointed out that G.G. and I had been to the bathroom so many times that I, in fact, know where all the bathrooms in or near the Football Hall of Fame are.

This is true.

As we left the bathroom G.G. declared that we must now head the the souvenirs tent.

"We're shopping again? " said Coach, "All you girls do is pee and shop."

Yes, this is true too. Stop complaining and take it up with God.

We are headed out of Canton tomorrow and I'll be home soon. I bet you are dying to know if I met Trent Edwards...


Anonymous said...

I think women pee and shop so much because there is great satisfaction in both activities.

Dione said...

Glad you're having fun, even though you're not in China!