Tiny Shampoos And Continental Breakfast, I Love Vacation

We are leaving in the morning on a jet plane. LIES. I'm full of lies. We are not leaving on a jet plane and we aren't leaving until the afternoon. Either way I won't be around to post until sometime next week.
I thought we'd try something a little different today. For my vacation I'm going to Canton. I know you're all jealous. Who dreams of a vacation to Canton, OH? To watch football no less. I do.

OK back on topic. For our something different I thought it would be fun if you answered a question for me.

If you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go and why?

Also, I've been looking around for some fresh reading, so if you have a blog or one that you enjoy reading, feel free to share it.


Dione said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I'm feeling homesick today, so I just wanna go home (to Utah). But a real vacation? Alaska? Disneyworld? I'm not Picky - I'll even go watch football in Canton.

confession: I have heard of Canton before, but only with the Ohio stuck on the end. So all this time I thought you were teasing - like Canton was an exotic place. It sounded Chinese to me.

Have you read Nie Nie? You'd have to go back a ways (before Aug 2008) to understand the "before" life. It's happy/sad/inspiring. You can find a link on the bottom side bar of my blog.

Dione said...

Me again! Pulsipher Predilections is pretty funny! She also likes to talk about nudity and would be open to using the word penis in her blog. I think you'd like her. http://adamandkristinapulsipher.blogspot.com/

coach said...

I know I am going to Canton tomorrow so I can't really complain, but if I had to travel somewhere it might be Tokyo. I heard it's supposed to be great there. As always Europe is awesome. Not that I am a proud Italian or anything lol. GO BILLS! EAST SIDDDDDDDDDDDDDE!

Mr. Punk said...

@Dione: Canton is indeed very commonly associated with China as it is the romanization of the name of the capital city of the province of the same name.

For vacation, I'd probably say Japan as well.

For reading, I have a lot of websites I read daily that are centered around specific interests of mine. But, I find the news aggregate sites always provide a treasure trove of topics. My favorite is Reddit.com.

Punk said...

I read only this blog. I am faithful only to you. And Pioneer Woman. And Dooce. And Snickerdoodle. You see where I'm going with this, right? Unless you're interested in vegan cooking blogs? I know of a couple good ones.

If neither money nor time were an issue, I would totally do a road trip from Montreal to Vancouver. That's right! Our enormous neighbor to the north! I'd explore all the cities and check out the country and try to avoid actual interaction with moose *snicker* and make some new friends, and I'd try to catch as many concerts as I could manage.

And then I'd drive in a diagonal line from Washington to Georgia, and I'd explore the cities and check out the country and try to avoid actual interaction with rattlesnakes and crazy Americans, and I'd make new friends and try to catch as many concerts as I could manage on the way.

Sounds like the bestest road trip EVER, doesn't it? Too bad time and money are an issue. That's okay. I have a powerful imagination. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish i was coming!!!! i chose poorly. GO BILLS

Anonymous said...

I would definitely go to Egypt, Israel...parts of Europe. All the interesting places in the Bible. I always wanted to ride a camel (maybe not) and go to see a tomb. Im claustrophobic so I bet I'd last a few minutes and then have to leave....but still. Tombs and pyramids are way cool.

Punk said...

Hey! I totally saw a moose in Maine! That's sort of pertinent to my comment from two weeks ago, and I feel compelled to announce it.

A MoosE!!!