You Like Him, You Really Like Him!!

It's time to broach the topic of last week's poll about the header. I'm sure you've all been on pins and needles to find out what would be happening with my header. I'm sure you've lost sleep. Well to all my readers who eat when they're stressed about something you can put down the ring dings because the results of last weeks poll are in. All ten votes have been counted and the winner is...

Ashton Youboty!!!!
Oh wait no, he won the Buffalo Bill with the most freakishly long neck award.
The winner of our poll was

So here's to another month of embracing our nakedness and rejecting societies desire to manscape. I salute you Naked Hairy Rocker Man.
Deep Breath. Cleanse the mind. We are broaching a new topic now. I can't be bother to make it a smooth transition so you are going to have to do all the work yourself.
Punk mentioned earlier tonight that she was surprised that I hadn't broached the topic of football while blogging this week, you know, in honor of my impending trip to Canton. Obviously I have the material. Even though I've made no secret of my obsession with training camp, I haven't shared what I've learned so far. I think now is a great time let you in on the goings on at the Bills' training camp.
D. Bell ran with the 1st at right tackle most of the practice today...Ashton Youboty, who is seeing some 1st team work had a PBU in red zone work...rookie E. Wood is holding his own against veteran DE Marcus Stroud...
You're bored and confused aren't you? I told Punk this would happen if I broached this topic. How about this, T.E.'s longer hair is holding up OK against the sweaty helmet look. Another member of our offense shaved his beard and is now sporting a goatee. As we've already broached the idiosyncrasies of men, I refuse to even speculate what eighty men locked into a college dorm with no women could think of to do. Even knowing as little as we do I am terrified at the thought.
With all this fun information coming out of St. John's Fisher in Rochester comes new press conferences. Yes, I'm one of those dorky, dorky people who watches these things...all of them. I love them. You may have noticed that I used the word broach a few times in this blog. The reason for this is because in yesterday's press conference with Trent Edwards (sorry I tried to figure out how to embed the video but couldn't.) a sports "journalist" asked him if he had "broached" something with TO. Trent mocked the sports "journalist" and made him define broach. I mean for all Trent knew the interviewer wanted to know if he and TO had working on their precision machining. The Q&A of interests starts at roughly 6:30 in case you don't want to watch the whole thing. If you become mesmerized by his hair and accidentally watch the whole thing no one will judge you.
This exchange during the presser has lit the Bills nation (yes this is what we call ourselves, you're awfully judgy today.) on fire. There have been multitudes of message board threads dedicated to broach-gate. Some are saying that they love the new more confident Trent, some are excited to see him "own" the media, whereas some are concerned that he's getting a little too cocky.
I bet you thought that now that the issue of whether or not Naked Hairy Rocker would be doing an encore for us was settled you'd be getting some sleep. Little did you know that you would now have to lose sleep over whether or not TE is getting too cocky or if a Stanford alum really didn't know what the word broach meant.


Dione said...

What do you bet that reporter used the word BROACH just to trip that sweet boy up? Speaking of sweet - I like his hair.

coach said...

Thank the LORD for the naked hairy guy! I think you should just keep that one up there. Second thing stop using the word BROACH! GO BILLS!