This One Is For The Boys

I've been doing some pre-vacation shopping. As a stay-at-home-mom, my normal wardrobe consists of 3 pairs of sweatpants *ahem* yoga pants. It's classier to call them yoga pants and a handful of tank-tops that are interchangeable as pj's. I do own like one pair of pants and three shirts for if I have to go out in public... with actual people... that I didn't breast-feed.
Part of the beauty of spending so much of my life poor is that I've discovered a trick to buying nicer clothes for very little money. The trick is called Goodwill. Seriously, I bought myself two pairs of jeans (name brands), a super-cute jean skirt for Bella and a pair of shorts (with the tags still on them) for Coach and spent $21.

Then I felt it was time to accessorize. So I bought a new purse. (I told you the boys would be totally into this post.)

ooh, aah. I actually have a really cool purse that my mom bought me for my birthday. It's from a program called Sak Saum . Check it out. It's kind of awesome.
The thing is the purse I currently carry is one of those HUGE purses that is so very trendy. Seriously, it puts Mary Poppins little carpet bag to shame. It comes in handy when going out with two kids, and I can carry around a spare pair of shoes for myself if I want to. But I thought it might be a bit excessive for our time in Canton, plus I don't want to get stuck carrying a spare pair of shoes for everyone. The bag could start to get heavy. So I invested in a purse that only fits lip gloss, a cell phone and a wallet (no shoes), but not the wallet I have. I needed a smaller wallet. This is dire straights people.
I knew you'd want to see it. So I took a picture. You're welcome.
My toes. To gross you out and to show off my pedicure. A vacation necessity. I wonder if any boys are still reading this... If you are, then I'm guessing it's a slow day at work.


Dione said...

As you know, I'm all into thrift stores - I told you how I bought my kids San Diego souvenirs at the Salvation Army. Well, when we went to my husband's graduation at Boston University I couldn't find a good souvenir for my teenager - so we hit the Good Will Souvenir shop in Boston and bought her some cute Hollister shorts.

By the way, you have cute toes! I can not say that about everyone's toes. Have a great time with your new purses - oh, and at the Super Bowl or whatever it is!

coach said...

Just so everyone knows I did buy this woman a purse for Christmas. What a freaking waste that was! I still love her though! By the way it's the Hall of Fame Weekend. However, if it were the Superbowl I would be the happiest man around and I would never shut up. East Sidddddddddddddde!

Punk said...

Your pedi looks super cute, and for the record, your toes are not gross. You come from excellent genes for cute feet, you know.

... except for Birdie. Dude, he has, like, hobbit feet or something. And his toes are like... omigosh, weirdly long.

Moving on. Mr. Punk has adorable feet. I think it's why I married him.