Yeah, Canada Dry Is Better Than Schweppes

Oooh, Pretty.

After openly mocking Tony on the Internet last week (using an alias of course). He came over tonight and figured out how to upload pictures from my cell phone to my computer. Let's hear it for Tony. Hip Hip....

It's a good thing he did too because I forgot my camera for our weekend outing and ended up taking a bunch of pictures on my cell phone. I did this knowing full well that I couldn't get those pictures onto the Internet. But, like I said, Tony is a genius. And voila, cell phone quality photos of Kaaterskill Falls for your viewing pleasure.

It would seem that my sleeping habits mimic those of a college student. So it should come as a shock to no one that I didn't roll out of bed until 10 on Saturday morning. (Coach woke up with the kids.) Since I experienced a restful 8.5 hr night's sleep I popped out of bed and told Coach, "We're going hiking." To which he replied, "I was hoping to take a nap." Then I took him down MMA style and he got in the car like I said.

Sometimes I just have to remind him who the boss is around here.

Bella, ah sweet Bella, and her muck muck boots hiked like a champ. Right up until her father fell while he was holding her hand and took her down with him. Then she wanted a band-aid. There was no blood.

Coach helped Braden up the trail and I helped him down. Afterwards I ask Braden what his favorite part of the hike was. It was either, getting muddy and wet from all of the puddles on the trail from the MASSIVE amounts of rainfall we've had or throwing rocks into the waterfall at the top of the trail. Either way, he had a good time and took an awesome nap after.

Having successfully completed a mile hike. I rewarded my kids by letting them splash in the water and of course throw more rocks. Coach took a more traditional approach and bought them chips at a vendor that had set up in the parking lot. He bought himself a Schweppes Ginger Ale because we all know that soda is a much better choice of beverage when trying to rehydrate than the 3 bottles of water I had in the car.

Hiking with small children is more mentally tiring than physically. After I buckled my muddy, wet and tired children into their carseats I settled into the passenger seat and promptly shut-off my brain for recharging. The hike must have had the opposite effect on Coach because he began to think about some of the world's greatest issues and concerns. I know this because as he settled into his seat and took a sip of his Ginger Ale he turned to me and said, "Yeah, Canada Dry is better than Schweppes."

And then we went home.

My life is so an episode from Seinfeld.


Punk said...

Hey, both of our schedules are like college! I asked the mister yesterday if he minded if I went noctural. He does. Chahead.

Very cool that your hike went off so well. Nice cell phone pictures. Nice mukmuks.

And haven't we hashed out in the last few weeks that everything in Canada is better? Haven't you been paying attention?

I recommend that you refresh your memory with this video. I promise it is enlightening and there are no Sims covered in blood.

I'm in the process of trying to get the mister to move to Canada. He's not going for that either. Something about the job being in the SE of the US. I think he's just a buzzkill.

Missy said...

Our neighbors to the north have it all figured out, don't cha know?

I totally get Mr. Punk's hesitation about the commute from Canada to the SE, but he should be willing to make the sacrifice. The healthcare benefits alone should be enough for him, and what aboot the perk of seeing moose all the time. How could he say no, eh?

Dione said...

That's a nice camera on your phone! You are a wonder woman because I would rather be in a smackdown than take my kids hiking! That's why I stay in the tent while my husband takes all 7 of 'em up and down the mountain! Just kidding. The tent gets too hot. I stay under the canopy, while sitting in the camp chair - bottled water in the cup holder and a book in my hand!

coach said...

I have to say to all you ladies and gents out there; yes i did fall down on this trip and it seemed to be quite a few times actually. I enjoy spending time with mi famiglia but hiking is just not my thing although I like the fact that it is dirt cheap hahaha! Dione I used to be the guy who would do anything not to take a hike with my dad. It seemed like once or twice a week he asked my bro and me and eventually it just became my bro because the old man pretty much new he had no chance getting me out of the house with Saved By The Bell on the TV. That Kelly Kapawski was hot and still is actually. Sorry babe I just had to say it! So for me to go on this hike I think I deserve mad ups from my peeps. East Siddddddddddddddddde!