I'm The Man Of LaMacha

Yesterday I stopped by my parents' house to borrow their lawn mower because mine works like a state employee. You know who I'm talking about. The one that leans on his shovel on the side of the road while holding up traffic. He might work once in awhile but never when you need him to.

So I'm discussing the decay of the moral fabric of society with my mom (she's dying for me to blog about something smart.) and in wanders my dad. Paying no mind to our conversation he looks at both of us and bursts into song,

"Hello, I must be going. I came to say I cannot stay, I must be going..."

Can you name that movie? (The answer's at the end....hey, hey don't scroll ahead. Show some restraint.)

His singing got me thinking about musicals. I love a solid musical. I feel certain that you could improve any movie/TV show/stage production/live sporting event by simply singing or dancing in it. Imagine the sword fighting scene in Princess Bride done salsa style. Or if all the castaways on Survivor just suddenly stopped and did the chicken dance. I mean on Rock of Love when Brett plays the guitar and sings, "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" all the skank hoes stop and listen.

It's not an original idea. Hollywood's been trying to work this angle for years. I mean every teen movie with a prom scene in it magically has all the seniors dance in sync. It's wildly unrealistic and cheesy but admit it if all of the football players on the field had to do a scene from West Side Story during the first quarter of a game you'd totally tune in.

It's been years since MTV's been musically relevant (choosing to ditch music and focus on getting 20-somethings drunk, record it and put it on TV as "reality") However, even they know no one can resist a good musical.

Are you ready for the answer? Have you googled the lyric? Asked Wiki? Used a mobile shout-out? Shaken the magic 8-ball? Cheaters.
Duck Soup is the movie and for what it's worth the description on this YouTube video is, This is probably the single greatest achievement in the history of human civilization.


Anonymous said...

Dad will be so thrilled about this blog!-mom-

Anonymous said...

They got the mustard out!!!!!!! Once more with feeling is possibly my favorite Buffy episodes.

Punk said...

Omigosh, piratemom, me too! Love that part!

Missy, I can't believe you gave away that answer. I totally knew it. Though I love the vid. Hee... Marx Bros.

So, here's my question: how are you the man of La Mancha? I mean, I get the musical reference, but... I'm confused. *scratching head*

Now, here's my suggestion: DO A BLOG ABOUT ONCE MORE WITH FEELING, CHOCKED FULL OF VID CLIPS. You know you want to.

"I think this line mostly filler..."

Missy said...

I'm the Man of LaMacha based solely on lack of sleep, wanting to go to bed and needing a post title.

I was tempted to do a clip or two from that Buffy Epi. Best show ever.

Also piratemom I'm happy to see that someone notices my labels. :)

Mr. Punk said...

*clears throat* ahem!

I really must say,
That I find it a dismay,
That no one has embraced the sprit of this post,
And sung their comments from the bottoms of their throats,
I will do no such thing,
So! This song I will bring,
Just to brighten up your day so fine,
As the Man de LaManchaaaaaaa.....

*big finish*

Haaass brightennneed MIIIIIIINNNEE!

*throw hat*
*exits stage right*

Punk said...

Dude... I love you...

*lustful staring*

Mr. Punk said...

I'll be here all week... be sure to tip your waitress...

coach said...

My Piece:

Princess Bride- Boring

Survivor- The worst one always wins

Bret Michaels- Still the man! We all know Every Rose Has it's Thorn is the greatest song ever so don't respond back to annoy me!

Bretts Ho's- There Ho's

Musicals- Suck

Buffy- Solid Series

Buffy Musical- The worst Episode Ever; If there were one thing I would change in that series besides the movie starring Kristy Swanson and yes Luke Perry, it would be the Musical. GET RID OF IT!!!

MTV- Should be banned

Neyo- Don't have to comment

The host dude- WHO? Why is he hosting anything?

Taylor Swift- Hot but too tall; Can sing though

Cobra Starship- Starting to grow on me quite a bit. Might even win my new artist of the year and that's a major honor.

Katy Perry- If I were a mormon which I am not, I would ask to date her so she could possibly be my second wife!

If anyone has a problem with what I have to say well DEAL WITH IT! If you still can't deal with it go to a shrink and maybe they can help you cope!

East Sidddddddddddddddddddddddddddde