Adventures in Homeschooling

The Bills pre-game is on already and I'm afraid that I won't be in any condition to blog after it's over. I'll either be really really upset or really really elated. Either way I'll probably cry. So I'm kind of mailing it in today. So here's a bit of what we've been doing for homeschooling.


A few weeks ago when I was preparing to start homeschooling I struggled to get into the mindset it takes to create a disciplined school environment. I've always thrived on routine so I would have thought that planning school would have come naturally. Honestly it's what I've dreamed of doing since I was a little girl so why the hesitation. I'm guessing that it's because that for the last five years of my life I've live on a preschoolers schedule. Should I do my laundry or go out in the yard and pretend to be a dinosaur? ROAR. I exercised no discipline. However, now that I've started homeschooling, I'm loving it! Bella really likes school and even Braden gets in on the action. After the first week of homeschooling this is what we've learned.

Braden- The are direct quotes from the boy himself.

  • Not to see God anymore. He is a bad boy.

  • These are my beautiful pants

  • Dinosaurs can beat me up.
I think it's a good first week of pre-school. Our objective for the coming weeks is to teach him how to go to the bathroom without getting any pee on his shirt. I'll make some worksheets, visual aids and whatnot.

Bella- Since she's five I took the more direct route and asked her what she learned. Here is her take.

  • I don't know

  • God made the world.
My objectives for her are to teach her what imagination is. Does she honestly need me to tell her what to imagine? I come up with my own stuff. For example, if I'm doing laundry I'm a fashion designer, cooking dinner for my family I'm Emril Lagasse, teaching my children using a craft I'm Martha Stewart. Good things.

We did manage to learn something:


Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, The kids are so cute!! I totally think that you should put them up weekly doing their bible verses.-mom-

Dione said...

I will have to take Mom's word for it that the kids are cute, cause the video won't play for me :(

Your blog saved me today. Let me explain: My keyboard wouldn't work today. I was really bummed because I wanted to update my blog but, more importantly, I wanted to watch more of The Office.

I was able to check my e-mail, blogs and Facebook by using the mouse - but I had not bookmarked Netflix. I searched the history but I couldn't figure it out - then I remembered your post today had a link to Netflix! Yay! So, thank you!

Unfortunately, I have to wait for seasons 5 & 6 to be mailed to me. I will not be up to date in time for the season premiere this Thursday. Not to worry, though, I will record it.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing about the Bills. Or at least your take on it!

Missy said...

Aw, Dione, I'm disappointed that you can't see the kids say thier Bible verse. It's pretty cute.
I'm glad I could help feed your office addiction. It totally cracks me up that you thought about that link.

Punk said...

Your discipline and dedication are inspiring. And humbling. Possibly humiliating.

... I'm going to nap.

Love the video. How cute are they?