This Is Me, Helping You To Help Me Help You. Got That? It's A Giveaway.

OK a few posts back when I begged for advice and joked that I had a box of clothes that I needed to giveaway my girl, the Football Wife suggested I sign up at to get hooked up with a real giveaway with a cool product. I haven't done that yet, but it's on my to do list I swear. I've honestly been so busy that I actually forgot to eat lunch today. I always thought that people who said they forgot to eat lunch must be crazy because I would never forget a meal, but today I did. Which brings me to the giveaway.

I was checking out Pooba earlier and she linked to several giveaways via her post and one of them was to The Apron Goddessess because they are giving away the most awesome apron ever! Really truly EVER. It's so cool that I'm positive that the owner and wearer of said apron would never forget about a meal. Think of all the extra pounds you could add. No wait, don't do that. Think about how cute it is and how you'd be the envy of all your friends. That's what we all want really. To make our friends jealous.

OK I must go. I'm supposed to be in the car in two minutes to meet someone and my kids don't have shoes on and I'm checking out aprons. Prioritys. Clearly apron trumps all.

Click here to check out the giveaway.

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Punk said...

I totally checked out the giveaway and the aprons, and they are totally cute, and I couldn't bring myself to choose just one. Sad, right.

Good luck with your five extries though. ;-)