Two Words: Derek Jeter

If you been reading my blog for awhile, you might recall a certain blog post in which I asked you to travel back in time with me to 2007. Today I'd like to go a little further back down memory lane. However, I still haven't gotten my time machine fixed (times are tough), so I will once more require your help here. If you're new to time travel via my blog, this is how it works:

Wiggle your fingers in front of your computer screen. You travel faster if you make the proper noises, but if you are in a cubicle and don't want anyone to know what you are doing, only using the fingers works just fine.

Ready? Oh yeah, our destination is 1996. And GO!!!

Don't stop now, or you'll end up in 2000 watching Budweiser commercials of men calling their friends and saying "Whaaatsssup!"

Stop! Whew, we almost ended up back in the 80's, and no one wants to revisit the banana clip. OK, well, maybe a little, but another day.

Back in 1996, Punk, Birdie and I went to a Yankees game with my Dad and Grandfather, John. On the way into the game, John said to my sister and me, "So you girls like the Yankees?" And we were all "Yeah!" And then he said, "Derek Jeter, huh?" This illicited the proper response out of Punk, but rather than blush and giggle like my sister, I looked at him totally confused and said, "What do you mean, Derek Jeter?" And he was all, "Derek Jeter plays for the Yankees." And I was all, "Yeah, I know." And then he was all, "...And he's cute."

I get it now. Girls only like sports for the hot guys. This is not true (even though I'm certain that the current football uniform was designed by a woman especially for me to enjoy). I know this is might be shocking, but some girls like the actual sport/ team.

Every few years since then, I'll tell some guy I'm a Yankees fan, and he'll say, "Ah, Derek Jeter, huh?" It happened again last week, actually. My response was, "I hate Derek Jeter." I knew as soon as I said it, it was a lie. I love him. He's a Yankee through and through, and I love my Yankees.

I love them so much that a few years after this, my Dad, Birdie and I went to another game and sat at the stadium through an hour delay while we waited for the rain to start, another hour for the rain and then 45 minutes for the grounds crew to make the field playable before our boys took the field. By the time the game actually started, the stadium was mostly empty and all of the seats in front of us were free for the picking. We worked our way all the way down to the field. Seriously, we could have high-fived the players. The Yankees scored a run in the ninth inning to win 2-1 at like 1:45 am.

In an interview after the game, Yankees player Paul O'Neill said that he really wanted to get the win for the fans because when you have fans that will sit through an almost three hour delay to watch you play, you know they really want to see you play, and you play just a little harder for the win. You want to win for them.

I'm sure he didn't mean that he didn't play hard in other games or that other wins didn't mean as much to him, just that he appreciated the fans on that particular day. We, the fans, appreciated the win and the time spent in the car with our Dads on the way home, and we love to hear our Dads tell the story all these years later about how we moved all the way down the front row of the stadium for the game. Thanks, Paul, we appreciated the whole experience.

So Wednesday night as the 2009 Yankees (including Derek Jeter) take the field for Game One of the World Series, some kid will be making a memory with their Dad. I hope theirs is as precious as mine.

And if the Yankees squeak out a win, that'd be cool too.


Dione said...

Awesome story! But your time travel took me back to my 4th pregnancy and it (I) wasn't pretty.

That's an awesome story. It reminded me a little of what I'd do to attend a taping of Dancing With the Stars.

Dione said...

Awesome seems to be the word of the day.

The Godfather said...

Oh i'm sorry..what was that? love the yankees?

you would need to watch more than a handful of regular season games to LOVE the yankees.

Thats a fact. remember who reads this blog.

The Bills you Love....the love in the 94% of other yankee fans.

Punk said...

Ouch, Ryan. Ouch. I love the Yankees, and I don't watch any games. Shall we debate that a while? I'm up for it. Might ruin the semi-relationship, but, hey. A girl's gotta do...

I adore Derek Jeter, and he certainly did keep my attention at 18 years old when I should have been studying instead of watching baseball, but give me some credit. Ten years of marriage to a man who has no love for sports, and I still follow the Yankees. And if Jeter would have been traded at some point, sure, that would've been heart-breaking (thank goodness he's a Yankee through and through so he wasn't), but I wouldn't have suddenly switched loyalties.

And now that we've proven that I really should have my own blog because I feel the need to post one in your comment section:


Kim Anderson said...

Dropping in from SITS have a great day luv;)

Missy said...

My Dear Sweet Brother-in-Law (who's team didn't make the post season),

I accept that I love the play-off Yankees, but just b/c I don't watch every single game ala Mr. Two-sips doesn't mean I don't love the regular season Yankees as well, it just means I have a life. For what it's worth I don't watch regular season baseball b/c of your brother, he is super-annoying to watch baseball with. (I could go on if you like)
I'm sorry you're bitter that my baseball team is better than yours, but it is what it is.

Your delightful, Yankee loving sister-in-law

roadrunner201 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and laughing with me at my parents' photo:-)
When I was a kid, I liked baseball for the sport of it, but you know, the cute guys didn't hurt either;0(

Anonymous said...

It is clear that your brother-in law wouldn't know what a true fan is if they sat in his seat. A true fan loves his team and NEVER bad mouths them because they aren't doing well. I know this to be true because I've been A yankee fan since Around 1964. Through good times and bad. And I was there when that stadium memory was made. I will always cherish it. Also, I don't feel the need to denigrate another team, if mine is awful. Of course that hardly ever happens, does it? Papa.