Be Careful Little Fingers What You Type

My heart is heavy tonight, Internet Buddies. From time to time, I post something of a more serious nature, but mostly I try to keep it light. I try not to preach or say something that might offend someone, but somethings just must be said. Somethings simply cannot be ignored.

After I wrote and posted yesterday's post about the Bill's players needing to get hair cuts, my boy Kawika Mitchell (he of the Pepe fame) tweeted this:
Ka_Mitchell55: And to whom it may concern... I got a lil trim. What u think? LOL
and this:
Ka_Mitchell55 Got hurt. Strength was suppose to b n my hair. Chop it and start over. Clean start. Rebuild
He went from this: (Seriously Kawika, a goatee. I thought we talked about this)

to this:

Clearly I should be more careful what I write. One stroke of my keypad, and I could cause the Macerena to become a national craze again and no one wants that. Seriously, something that awful could end civilization as we know it. Fortunatly for each of you, I choose to use my power for good and not for evil.
Since this experience has shown me how important it is that I choose what I blog about more carefully, I've chosen to donate my services to the CTRTWOG (The Coalition to Rid the World of Goatees), and I urge you to donate razors to this cause. I personally vow to carry a BIC with me everywhere I go so that if I should run into a man/boy sporting a goatee I can rid him of it immediately. This is an opportunity, your opportunity, to make a positive impact on society. Please join this cause. Together we can rid the world of the goatee. This I swear.


Dione said...
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Punk said...

Mr. Mitchell's second picture makes me want to be his friend.

Anonymous said...

You are truly a Crusader for this righteous cause.-mom-

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

you must use your powers for good and not evil. : )

my hubby used to have a goatee. Now, he has a beard. He's lazy. : )

I think he'd take your hand off if you tried to shave it. : )

coach said...

Totally disagree with ya wife! I believe that goats are sexy and I personally would like to grow mine back! Smoke on that!