This Is All My Fault

Pick yourselves up off the ground. I know the title of this post shocked you for no other reason then I am clearly taking responsibility for something. No, it isn't the firing of the Bills head coach today. I had nothing to do with that...even though the coach was planning on benching Trent in favor of Fitzpatrick next week, I swear I had nothing to do with him losing his job.

Let's get back on track shall we? I was taking responsibility and you were all, "It's about time." 

Earlier today I was making a pumpkin pie and Braden decided to help me. That's one of the amazing things about little kids, they want to help. They are eager to participate in your life and will nag you to let them until you give in. So I put everything out that I needed and started to dump delicately add ingredients and Braden did something that reminded me that kids are always watching everything we do. As frightening as it is, kids learn their behaviors from us. They are an accurate and terrifying mirror of who we are when we think no one is looking.

He ran back into his room and returned with a friend. Then he did something you've all "seen" me do before.

He cooked with a toy.

I can't help but wonder if his future wife will be disturbed by this practice or just grateful that he knows his way around a kitchen.

I'll be honest, Kareem hasn't been as useful in the kitchen since he lost his lay-up arm. He just hasn't been the same. Of course that being said, the dinosaur's tiny claws can't grip a spatula to save his life. No wonder he's extinct.

As a personal note to Mr. Punk, that is not a dinasour. That is Mikey (notice the orange stripes) as seen in the final TMNT episode when he and the other turtles transform into dragons of some kind and then unite (Mighty Morphin Power Ranger style) to form Master Yoshi who then defeats the Shredder.

I don't have to take responsibiltiy for Braden believing that the dinosaur is a ninja turtle. Clearly that's T.V.'s fault.


Punk said...

Kids mimic what we do?

... Oh, crud.

coach said...

It does get scary when my little boy starts to try and cook. As much as I love him it still scares me!

Dione said...

So how do you feel about loosing the head coach? Do you approve of the new head coach? And what will happen to Trent?

And who helped you cook? Mikey? A dragon of some kind? or Master Yoshi?

Please tell Braden he is adorable!

Grand Pooba said...

Hahaha! It's times like these that make parenting all worth it!

(At least that's what I would imagine, I can't speak from experience)