Let's Be Honest, I Don't Have An A Game

Punk started a blog. Ha, I've outed you. Which in turn outs me. Did anyone really follow that? Let me explain.

When I started this blog I did so wary of using real names, the Internet is, after all, a very scary place. Turns out the Internet is also full of amazing people. People that are kind and wonderful and give me the warm fuzzies. Even though that's wasn't my point, I feel the need to say thanks to each of you. I have really loved getting to know all of you through your blogs and comments this year.

Back to my point. I've wanted to make the switch to everyone's real names for awhile, but have refrained since Punk is around and her family is the one that warns me of the dangers of the Internet. (I would hope by now you've started whispering "The Internet" in hushed tones every time you speak it. Try it, it's awesome.) Imagine my shock when Punk outed herself and her family in her very first post. This is just the go ahead I needed to share all my personal information with you. (as opposed to just sharing my bowel movements with you)

You've already met my husband Matt.

He's tough and scary isn't he? Don't mess with him, he'll go all Chuck Norris on you.

Here is a familiar face. He goes by Santa Claus and St. Nick just to name a few. Oh, and those are my kids Mallory and Anthony. This is how we did pictures with Santa this year. It was free and the Mall Santa charges 15.00 for a wallet size. He has to pay those elves somehow.

ole crazy eyes (that's me)

And me, Bethany or Missy if you prefer. It's really your call. Also clearly this isn't the best picture but it's funny and also has the crazy eyes I've referenced before. The blue Buffalo hat is just because I'm in with current fashion trends.

For kicks here's one of Punk aka Jessica.

So originally I had used an attractive picture of Jessica sticking her tongue full of food out at the camera. A choice she made knowing I had a blog. She freaked out and sent me an a-mail full of pictures to use as alternates that included a picture of the two of us from 13 years ago. Way to keep it current. I chose to use this one that features her entire family and also a round bellied (he'd fit right in around here) tatted up man who thought wearing a white undershirt was dressy enough for the amusement park. Happy now, Jessica?

For our final family member today I'm sharing a great picture of my kids covered in mud.

The "grown-up" in the picture is Matt's dad, Rich. He was in a major car accident tonight on the way home from work. He's currently in the hospital undergoing testing and Matt, Ryan and their mom, Nonna are there too. So far it would seem he has a concussion, some issues with his spleen, liver and esophagus but the doctors aren't too clear on the extent and are doing more testing.

I don't really have anything to add to that.  If you would just pray for him I'd really appreciate it so much. I should get some sleep. Mallory is going to have questions (that still don't have answers) in the morning and I'm going to need to be on my A game for her. Goodnight, Internet buddies.


The Boob Nazi said...

Goodness! I hope he's okay!
I used to be one of those who had my full name (just a middle initial) as my blog url. I would say my first and last name frequently. I didn't care who knew what about me. I didn't think anything bad would ever happen to me.
I was reported for violating HIPAA. I was reported to an associate dean to make sure "nothing like Columbine happened." I was shocked. I was hurt. I changed my url and only refer to myself as "The Boob Nazi." I changed the names of my nieces and nephew because I talk about them in real life so much that anybody who knows me would know who I was based on those names!

I wish I didn't have to be so paranoid. I would LOVE to not be paranoid. But in my case, it's warranted.

BUT. I did put my blog back on facebook for people to click on again. I will not let those psycho bitches take me down! Ugh.

So yeah, that's my story. That's why I refer to myself as "BN" all the time, which makes me feel silly. It makes me feel so paranoid and weird.

I was also private for a couple of months this year. IT KILLED ME.

Um, this novel is over. Sorry!

Anti-Supermom said...

Hope your Father-in-law is going to be OK.

I struggled with real names or not too, but I started this blog before I knew any better. I've also learned that if people really want to find out something about you, with a little work, they probably will.

Thank you for the formal introductions ;)

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

It's nice to meet you (again).

I really hope you hear some good news quickly about your father-in-law. Injuries stink. Waiting stinks too.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Welcome to the age of knowing tmi about everyone else and worrying about whether you should mention what area of the globe you live on. . .As for the rest of your post. . .you know my opinion about the mall santa (bad fat man, bad fat man!), and I truly hope your fil is well and has a speedy recovery.

coach said...

Why Why Why did you out yourself! LOL Thank you all for those kind words and wishes towards my father and merry christmas to all!

Dione said...

Coach, I think she outed herself because I found out who she was. There was no need to hide anymore since it was me she was hiding from.

Punk has a blog? Yipee! I'm so excited! I can't wait to see how grammatically correct she writes!

What's going on with your father in law? I can't figure out when you wrote this and I've been in Christmas la la land and traveling so I haven't kept up. Is he doing okay now? Please update. I'll be praying for you all!