Confessions From The Road

I am beyond tired from travel. It's amazing how riding in a car and doing nothing for like 12 hours can wear you out. So I'm going to forgo my usually awesome opening paragraph for a confessions post and just get to posting pictures of Trent Edwards spilling my guts.

  • On Wednesday while travelling 600+ miles with my mom and five kiddos, I had the pleasure of holding my son at a precise angle on the side of a major highway. My goal? To keep his butt suspended above the cold hard ground while still keeping him from pooping on either of us. Did I laugh uncontrollably the whole time? Yes. Did he grunt? Yes. Does sharing this story make me a mommy blogger or just a bad mom? Discuss amongst yourselves.

  • Truthfully now that I've shared his name, picture and this story, it'll probably be a long time before he can get a girl to go on a date with him. I'm ruining his life, one day at a time. Aren't you grateful I'm not your mom? Don't answer that. You might make me cry. I'm a sensitive soul. I'm a real delicate flower.

  • Since I'm all uprooted this week by travel, I find I lack focus (even moreso then usual), but I wanted to tell you that my husband finally noticed that one of my tabs at the top of this page says Trent Edwards. He was disturbed for a second and then he remembered who I was and laughed at me.

  • This picture is just because I haven't posted one in awhile and I thought you might be going through withdrawals.

  • Me too.

  • All better.

  • I had WiFi at the hotel last night, but I still let the scheduled post go.

  • On our way to GA my mom and I stopped to feed our kids dinner at the Wendy's behind my real life friend, Pirate Mom's house. (Twelve hours from my own house) So I ran to her house while the kids ate, gave her a hug and went back to finish dinner. A quick hug from a friend is better then no hug at all.

  • My husband is growing a beard. I like it. A lot.

  • My dad has a beard. This freudian connection creeps me out.

  • My short term goal for next week is to locate a local homeschool group and join. I don't usually like being part of groups, but it'll be good for my kids. I'm hoping this sacrifice on my part will lessen the amount of time Anthony has to spend in therapy once he finds out that I posted on the Internet that he pooped on the side of the road when he was three.


Punk said...

I have a thing for guys in glasses, so trust me when I say that the Freudian creepiness does not affect only you. Also, Bryan looks weird with a beard. *shudder*

Question: when you typed "don't yook me," did you do the hand thing? It's not as effective without the hand and head shake.

My contribution to the discussion of your issues is this: You're a mom. It's a gross job but if we didn't do it, they'd run wild like Vikings and poop in the MIDDLE of the road. Nobody wants that.

The Boob Nazi said...

hahahaha the poo story cracked me up!

coach said...

Hey at least I didn't have to wipe his butt on the side of the road! Also I don't think Trent is that hot. If it were up to me I would be on the David Beckham train lol or you babe

Ms Bibi said...

Yes, quick hug is better then hug at all I agree.

Thanks for the picture, it made my morning complete,lol

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

been there done that, but I'm counting on the fact that kady won't read all of your blog posts when she's grown. . .oh, and the fact that there are plenty of other things for the therapist to focus on. . .Kev has a beard. My dad does not. Just consider that random factoid #13 of the day. : )

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

What's this? Are you home and tired? Or still traveling and tired?

Poop stories are always funny to me unless I'm in the midst of them then they aren't funny until later.

foxy said...

SHUT UP. I think I pooped on the side of the road one time as a kid, but I'm pretty sure I was older than 3 at the time. Be a good mom and don't ever tell him that you blogged about it. Unless he's really bad. And then you should definitely use it against him. ;) Is it obvious that I'm not a mom?

No doubt about the hug. I feel ya. 100%.

You're such a giver, you are! And a delicate flower. Whatever you say... :)

Shell said...

LOL @ the poop story.

I am Harriet said...

I've had those travel stories too :) Enjoy the ride.

Stopping by via SITS to say hello!

Dione said...

Wow! You've been busy. I guess it's been a while since I've been in the blogosphere...

Love your new look! And thanks for the recognition even though I haven't blogged for eons.

This whole wedding stuff is messing me up!