If You Are Reading This, It Is As I Feared

I decided that as a precaution of traveling up the east coast and having to stop at a hotel in an unfamiliar location that might not have WiFi, I should schedule a post for Thursday. It's not that I'm so full of myself that I believe that the world would come to an end if I didn't post. It's just that I understand how coming by my website only to find I hadn't posted might ruin your mood. That bad mood might progress until you fall into a deep depression and find yourself unable to cook a meal for your family and then your children would go hungry. I just can't have that. There will be no hungry children on my clock.
To sum up, I'm in a dead zone. Pray for me in this difficult time. And for all that is good and holy, feed your kids.

I'm not sure what all of that was about. Disregard that if you don't mind.

I thought since I'm out traveling that this would be a good time to tell you: I made someone's favorite list. Seriously. I'm giddy about it. Last year when Heather Armstrong (of dooce.com) found out she had been named the 26th most influential woman in the media she was ecstatic. She might have climbed on the roof of her house topless and screamed "I AM AWESOME. BOW TO ME." (I might have made that last part up.) I feel like that. J over at Spot On Your Pants  listed me as one of her top ten favorite blogs.

It is apparently customary to pass this honor on to my ten favorite blogs. So without further ado: my top ten...in no order whatsoever.

1. The Short Story Long
2....a prophet to the nations... (this one is brand new, but very well written)
3.See the Seegrists
4. Just Another Day In Paradise
5.The Football Wife
6.Our Perino Family
7.Buffalo Rumbings (I know that this is a blog about my precious Bills, but it's exceptionally well written so I'm giving those boys props. Yes, I just used the term props. Who am I?)
8.Mormon Bacheler Pad (This blog is literary crack and I'm using the term literary loosely.)
9.How Could You Not?
10.The Fox Den

That was actually more stressful then I thought it'd be because I had to leave a few blogs off the list.

With all this traveling, I haven't been able to get around and comment as much as I would like and if you've stopped by my blog and I haven't returned the favor yet, it's not because my mother didn't raise me right. She tried her best. I'm just a bad seed. I hope you won't hold it against her...or me. I'll do my best to catch up with everything once I get home. In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorites and be sure to swing by Spot On Your Pants. She's awesome and not just because she likes me.


The Boob Nazi said...

Many thanks! I'm actually posting a list somewhat like this about all the websites I waste my time on haha. I love these kinds of lists because now I can go visit other people and waste my life even more haha.

Punk said...

Sure, sure, "no particular order." Whatever. I'M NUMBER ONE! I'M NUMBER ONE!

Shoot... I hope whatever's up there is readable. Excuse me. *scampering*

(p.s. I attest to the literary crack. I love those boys.)

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

OH. MY. COW! I'm #6 on your list!? And really since there's no order whatsoever... I could be *gasp* NUMBER ONE.

(So, uh, what's your address again? I've got your payment all ready...)

And, no worries, I even cooked breakfast for the kids this morning. Microwaving counts, doesn't it?

Ms Bibi said...

That's so awesome, congrats on being in Top 10.

foxy said...

YAY! I'm one of your faves!! WOOOOHOOOO! (I'm totally doing a celebratory dance right now.) And obviously, I need to go visit this Spot on your Pants person. If you like her, I'm sure she's good peeps.

I'm sorry your in a dead zone though. See ya on the other side, sista.

coach said...

Thank the Lord I got to read a blog today. I don't know what I would have done. Probably more fantasy sports lol.

Dione said...

You're so nice! It makes me think about updating my blog...

I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did. You are the first blog I go looking for every day! (#1 on my list)