Like My First Day Of Kindergarten

I had my appointment at the new gym tonight. I anticipated (because it is my custom) that I would freak out and become increasingly more unbearable to be around as the time for my appointment drew near. I also figured that my freak out would hit fever pitch when I got dressed to go to the gym. I have no idea what happened but as out of character as it is for me, I made it through the whole day completely relaxed. Even when I couldn't find my sports bra, I failed to regress into a three year old that's been denied a lollipop. I just threw on an old bra that I didn't mind sweating in, prayed we didn't do any jumping jacks and headed out into the unknown.

I mentioned before that the new gym is bigger than a Super Wal-Mart. It's like a sweat warehouse. Now at the old gym, if I had gone to workout at 6pm it would have been me and like maybe 4 men. I would keep to the cardio and let the men grunt their way around the weight section. Not Globo-gym. I drove around and around and around trying to find a parking spot and then walked in with like six other people.

The first thing I did when I arrived at the gym was try to find the girls locker room. I had drank a whole bottle of water on my way to the gym and had to pee. Bad. I felt really good about how finding the locker room went since I managed to not wander into the men's locker room.

In my group for the training session were myself, two forty-something women and a man that showed up really late. Like barely made the class, late. My forty-something companions in the night's impending torture discovered that they had gone to high school together. Then there was this awkward part where one of them tried to remind the other who she was and she never did remember. After what felt like forever waiting, the instructor showed up. I had anticipated someone that was either Jillian mean or just didn't care, but he was kind of cool. Not like the Fonz cool, but you know, cool. I liked him until he took us straight to the ellipticals. After two minutes of "go as fast as you can" he had us hop off and walked us straight away to the treadmills. By this point one of my forty-somethings was ready to ditch the class for a tanning bed and I'm pretty sure the dude had begun to silently weep. But we never got on the treadmills. We didn't do any weights. We just talked. Then the trainer handed out ice cream and we all got new puppies.

As fun as new puppies are, the other girls and I decided that we had come to the gym to workout and workout we would. We all headed to the 30 minute training room and bumbled our way through. Honestly I was the only one of the group that had been inside of a gym in the last decade, so when I say bumbled I mean it. We did have a great time though and we made plans to meet up back in the 30 minute room on Friday.

I think I might have made like real life friends or something. I haven't had to make eye contact with a friend in so long that I wasn't sure I'd remember how, but I think I did it right. Maybe I should practice in the mirror.


Dione said...

Is this the same gym you bowed down to the porcelain God in? Either way, I'm glad it went better!

If you need suggestions on how to talk to 40 year olds... I've got ya covered.

Shell said...

Going to the gym and irl friends? I keep saying those things will happen...

Way to go!

The Boob Nazi said...

Sigh, the gym. I need to head back. But not today. Today, I feel like I might die.

Jessica and Jason said...

Kudos to you for braving the gym and all the impending awkwardness therein. I'm needing at least two new work-out outfits (and they need to make me look really really good) before I even consider darkening a gym doorway.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I'm too cheap to buy a sports bra. So I made my own. First, I took an old nursing bra. Then. Well. I guess that's it.

Free tip: I recommend you don't go out and run in public wearing one that you make.

foxy said...

Yay! You made over the initial hump! Hehe, I just said hump. Yes, I'm just like a 10 year old sometimes.


Sometimes I will ditch my workout if I don't have my sports bra. I'm weird like that and need it to workout like the true champ I am.