The NFL Combine: Scouting Hot Guys, I Mean, Good Players, Yeah, Good Players.

You know what we haven't talked about in awhile?


I know you've missed him. Little known fact about this picture: He's looking and pointing at me because I inspired his fourth quarter comeback. All right fine, I wasn't at this game, but I'm sure he was thinking of me at the very moment this picture was taken.

I'm sure you are wondering why I'm bringing Trent up? Well I don't need a reason, BUT I mentioned Trent because he's incredibly hot this week is the NFL Combine. I know that right now you are rolling your eyes at me and saying, "Bethany, I didn't need you to tell me that the Combine is this week. I've been glued to the coverage on the NFL Network all day." 

Oh you didn't say that? I'm guessing what you really said was more like, "What the heck is a Combine?" or "Seriously, Bethany, more football crap."

Well just to clear it up, a combine (per the almighty wiki) is:
a machine that harvests grain crops. It combined into a single operation what previously had taken three separate operations (reaping, binding, and threshing).

Yeah, that's the wrong kind of combine, Wiki. What are you trying to do to me?

The NFL Combine is sort of like a job audition for college players. They participate in a battery of physical activities, written tests and interviews with NFL teams. You can only attend (as a player) if you've been invited. They poke them. They prod them. They make them spell their names to prove they are capable of signing autographs. And then, they weigh them. In public. Oh the horror. It's like a giant weight watchers meeting.
A really hot weight watchers meeting.

In spite of my great appreciation for all things Trent Edwards, he did not play very well last year. As a result of this my beloved Buffalo Bills are talking about picking up another QB. Not that Trent will be totally out of it, but he'll get some competition. I thought that as a service to Trent we should scout his competition for him. There are like ten QBs coming out of college that are vying for a job in the NFL. I just can't be bothered to scout them all so we are going to look at three have been mentioned as having the potential to be spending some time in the quarterback's rooms with Trent.

There are several things that you want to look for when acquiring a new QB. First, can he throw a ball, run fast, jump high, blah, blah, blah? Of course he can he's in contention for a job in the NFL. Second, and this is key, is he pretty? Let's take a look and see if any of these boys can out-hot Trent.

First up, Jevan Snead. I know what you are thinking. No, I did not purposefully choose the ugliest picture I could find. This is honestly one of his better. I'm not sure I couldn't handle watching him in a press conference every week. Maybe I could just close my eyes and think about the Super Bowl.

Nope, it's not working.

Jimmy Clausen. *facepalm*

There is a God! This is Tim Tebow. You might recognize him from the above topless picture or the Super Bowl add in which he tackles his mother. Now I think if we can look past his cruetly to his mother and the fact that he is clearly wearing a child's t-shirt in this picture, I think I could live with this choice. Of course if he shows up to the NFL Draft in April with a goatee I might have to personally hunt him down and punch him in the face.

Thank you for participating in this exercise. Now that I have looked each guy over I feel ready to write a strongly worded text message to the new head coach of the Buffalo Bills letting him know that even though I could live with Tebow, based on hotness Trent should be the starter in 2010.


The Boob Nazi said...

Tim Tebow is the abstinence guy, right? I could definitely work with that.... (Well, after we got married and yada yada yada)

Also, I would like more pictures of football player butts, please.

And are you on fb? We should be friends.

Christy said...

yeah..i think you will have to look long and hard at this year's crop to find anyone as fine as TE...he's dreamy

Amanda said...

WAIT, Jesus is in the NFL combine?

Oh, sorry, that's just Timmy T.

I live in GainesVegas and nobody would STFU about Tebow for the past 2 years (and before that, I'm sure, but we just got here two years ago). You can have him!

That first dude is hot though. Smokin' hot. Sad face that you might lose him. :(

Dione said...

I think I can overlook the fact that Tim Tebow wears children's clothing. Maybe he was tackling his mom because she was trying to make him wear a big boy shirt.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Excuse me, is "topless" the correct term for the NFL? Because I was fairly certain that "topless" was reserved for women and "shirtless" is the term of choice for men...

I'm pretty sure that no moms were injured in the making of that commercial. They used a stuntmom.

And IF Tim Tebow was to play for the Bills? Well... I just may not be quite as put out when the Bills game is shown instead of the Steelers game in Erie.


tbsomeday said...

lol--you girls are all funny

i vote tim!
maybe i need to start watching football...i need to figure out who has the very hottest qb
i know that's how my cousin picks her team every year
maybe it's time for me to get more involved

perhaps i'd be more interested if the nfl played skins and shirts
why do they all have to wear jerseys?
okay..maybe just the running back and qb's
the linemen may need to remain clothed

Anonamom said...

What a gorgeous way to start my morning! Wow, thanks for this post... though I have to say the pictures were almost too distracting! :)

visiting you back from SITS!

Emily said...

This is hilarious! I think I'd watch more football if you were in charge!

As for the Combine, why isn't this already featured in reality TV? I'd watch!

coach said...

Anyone but that concussion loving Trent Edwards. What a freaking bum!

He is kind of dreamy though babe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cori said...

Can I get Tebow to replace Dan Dnyder? That little twerp has been running the 'Skins into the ground for far too long. I'm DVRing all of the Combine coverage. Every day after dinner Andrew and I sit down and fast forward to all of the good parts. Our definitions of "good parts" is slightly different though.

Jessica and Jason said...

Holy cow, is it combine time already?!