You Know How All Parents Think Their Kids Is The Best? Well Mine Is.

I was in high school the first time I was introduced to winter sports. My high school boyfriend was a skier and offered to teach me how to ski. I like to try new things so it seemed perfect. We got to the mountain, and he not so patiently got me set up with ski rentals and took me up the lift. Bunny slopes are for kids apparently. We got to the top of the mountain and down he went. He then turned as was all, "Aren't you coming." And then I cried.

No, I didn't. But he gave me literally no direction. He didn't tell me to turn my skis like a pizza or what a duck walk was (I just learned that this weekend) and I fell. A lot. Between his impatience with my inability to guess how to ski and the amount of time I had fallen, I only got half-way down the first slope before I sat down and refused to move (I can be a little passive aggressive). As you can tell from this story, my first and last foray into the wonderful world of skiing was a disaster. Much like that high school relationship, but I digress.

I did get invited back up to the mountain (by someone else) and said, " I skied once and I will NEVER do it again." To which they replied, "You could snowboard."

I like to try new things.

I snowboarded through the rest of high school and a little bit of college. I was never any good, but I loved it.

I haven't been snowboarding in almost ten years, but Matt, Ryan and I have been talking about getting Mallory up on the mountain for like the past two years. Since Ryan offered to teach her and he can both ski and snowboard (both way better then I ever did), we let Mallory decide which she wanted to try. Do you know what my girl picked?

We don't care if you're five. You still have to carry your own snowboard.

For those of you that missed the whole, "Shaun White is awesome" stuff, that's a snowboard that little girl is carrying.

We thought for sure she would be cold and tired and whiney. She was the exact opposite. After a bit of instruction, she wanted to go without help, and she couldn't wipe the smile off her face.

Her Own Personal Lift
Ryan patiently and clearly gave her direction and then guided her down the slope. He gave her the real Olympic treatment and carried her back up just like Shaun White's coaches do for him.

Coming back from her last run of the day

Ryan was telling Matt and I how excited he was to take Mallory on the mountain and how one of his friends brings his little brother snowboarding with him. Ryan always thought it was so cute and was happy to have Mallory following him around and was looking forward to all the times they would go up the mountain together after she really learned how to snowboard or ski.

Just in case you thought all his intentions were good, I feel compelled to share that at one point a girl saw Mallory and went, "aw." Then Ryan was all, "I've got to bring Mallory up here more, so she can help me score some chicks."

He's single.

He agreed to let me raffle him off after I reach 500 followers. It's going to be awhile, but if you want to snag him in the meantime email me.

Winter Olympics 2022 (did I do my math right?), here we come.


The Boob Nazi said...

Awesome. I was totally whiny and stuff after I was snowboarding for like an hour. haha

Punk said...

Dude, she's going to be ripping the slopes in no time! I can't wait for the 2022 Olympics! (Will you score me tickets when she makes the team?)

Bellsys said...

Good to get them out there while they are young (and a lot closer to the ground) cute!

tbsomeday said...

aw--that is really good!
and she looks adorable carrying her snowboard :)
you need to build her a halfpipe out in the mountains somewhere to practice on

Amanda said...

That's so cute! Good for her. I was 20 the first time I skied and I haven't' gone since because I was horrible and whiney and basically everything your little girl isn't.

Cori said...

Wow, she took to it really well. Andrew and I wanted to hit the slopes this winter, but with my being pregnant and now a newborn looks like we'll have to wait until next winter. But that's okay, I expect my one year old to tear the drift up. I don't need any excuses, oh she's a baby, lack of motors kills and coordination, whatever.

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Aw man! She looks great!
I wish I had had a personal instructor. I was one of those people in the "top of the class" in those short ski schools but totally stunk on the slopes. I never got past the bunny slopes unless it was an accident.

What is it with guys asking girls to go skiing then ditching them?

Ms Bibi said...

She's doing great and looking cool while doing it,lol.

My hubs and I are both skiers and it took some times to teach or older one, but when it was time for my baby to learn he picked it up like wouldn't believe.

He was going down the hill like a hurricane by the end of the day.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I promised I was totally not going to do this again, but I've got a friend. . .she's single. . .

Kids are amazing. We all learned how to ski at teh same time (pre-Kady), although Kyler was the quick study. I was pitiful. . .

Jessica and Jason said...

Okay - SO CUTE with the little snowboard and adorable little ski outfit. That'll be Siennalee in a couple years. I've never been up to ski, but very much enjoy snowboarding - although I will admit, it is more enjoyable after the pain subsides (or is dulled by mass amounts of ibuprofen).