Proof That God Thinks About Me All Day

Two recent events have occurred in my life that have reminded me how much God loves me.

And no, Mom, I am not pregnant. But like a quality pregnancy test, the first reason I know God loves me is digital.

Do you guys remember that conversation that Matt had with himself about getting a new T.V. with our tax return money? You know the one that drove me to Jessica's closet? (that last link takes you to a not-so-bad picture of me. It was taken in the dark.) I sweetly and selflessly suggested that instead of getting a T.V. for the whole family to enjoy, we should buy an iPod Touch for my own personal use. Guess who has a brand new iPod Touch? Oh yeah, I call the shots around here. In a completely unrelated note I've been watching the Olympics on Matt's, er, I mean, the family's new flat screen. Tax season was good to us.

I have been tweeting, e-mailing, commenting, IMing, youtubing, facebooking and even dabbled in a little blogging with my Touch. As I sat and marveled at my new Touch, a thought occurred to me. God loves me. I know this, not because he sacrificed his own son for my salvation, but because he allowed me to be born in a day and age where I can hold the power of the Internet in the palm of my hand and it makes me happy. He knows me so well.

There are spoilers for the Olympics Halfpipe coming up so if you DVRed it and have successfully avoided learning the outcome thus far, good job and we'll see you tomorrow. Peace out. (yeah I just said that.)

The second thing that makes it so obvious that God sits around all day thinking about ways to make me happy is this. Yesterday I blogged,
Dear God,
Please let Shaun White not suck tomorrow. I could really use some good news after witnessing the curling loss and then the Germans taking the luge from us. Everyone knows that the luge has always been a big U.S. event. Oh it hasn't? Sorry, God. Still the whole Shaun White thing, please.

Yes, I totally just quoted myself from yesterday. It was necessary to remind you that I specifically asked God to not let Shaun White suck and you know what? Shaun White didn't suck. I'd go so far as to say he blew my mind and won a gold medal in the process. You know who he has to thank for that don't you? Nope, not himself or his coaches or even Red Bull for building him that killer half-pipe in the middle of nowhere.  He has me to thank.

You're welcome, Shaun. I'm here for you.


Punk said...

Um, Shaun White is totally my new hero. And I can say without an ounce of sarcasm that I totally watched and thoroughly enjoyed the half-pipe event tonight without even the vaguest hint of a cute boy around. Those 1080s! HOLY CRAP, THOSE WERE AWESOME!!

Ryan, when can you teach me to be awesome on a snowboard? Tell me I'm not too old or lame. Tell me!!!

Maggi said...

The Olympics have been thrilling this year for sure, did you see that one girl ski right off the mountain?! Congrats to White!

I've always said that God loves me because of air conditioning and glitter lip gloss. Congrats on getting a Touch! :D

gaelikaa said...

God loves you all right. And me too. You said it right, sister.

Thanks for coming over and leaving a comment. Enjoyed your visit...

gaelikaa said...

God loves you. You said it. Right.

And thanks for coming over and commenting. Enjoyed your visit.

Anti-Supermom said...

I missed it and what was my husband thinking *not* Tivoing it. Proof he must hate me, ha-ha :)

Amanda said...

Thank you Jesus for the Internet! And I say that with an open, gracious heart and only the tiniest hint of sarcasm!

Hubby just got a new phone with all that fun stuff on it and I'm SO INSANE WITH JEALOUSY. i want him to download the blogger app so I can blog from his phone and he's a mean person and wont' do it. Asshole. I can't image why HE needs that stuff (the guy who doesn't tweet, blog and barely FBs) and I don't.

Shawn White kicked all kinds of snowboarding ass, I mean nobody else came close!

Amanda said...

I suck because I've been spelling his name wrong all day..SHAUN.

Grilled Cheese said...

Wasn't that half-pipe bad ass??

I love that he scored higher on his victory lap than his initial run. And I also love that one of his nicknames is The Flying Tomato.

Do you watch the womens' half pipe too? I think they're probably a lot more masculine than some of those "male" ice skaters.

Shell said...

LOL The power of prayer!

Uptown Girl said...

On behalf of the USofA I thank you for your prayers!

Could you add a few items to your prayer-list? Like maybe, if you have time:
-a hot man for Uptown Girl
-a great tax return for UG
-10-15 lbs miraculous weight loss for UG
-and throw in some world peace please (I don't want to sound selfish...)


Diva (in Demand) said...

Oh you are hilarious!!!! LOL

coach said...

Shaun White is's not football but it did the trick last night.

The only problem with the Touch is I think she likes it more than me. Well who knows lol.

Ms Bibi said...

According to hubs tax season will be good to us as well and it will take us in September all the way to Disneyland and Vegas....oh, yeah baby

I steal my son's touch when needed.

Grand Pooba said...

OK listen up.

I need you to pray for me.

Pray for me really hard to get and iPod Touch. I deserve to be happy too right?

(don't answer that)

Dione said...

My son threw the remote at our flat screen and now it's dead... God must love me a lot to be giving me this trial for my own growth, right?

Lora said...


Seriously! I'm visiting you from SITS and I'll definitely be back--have a wonderful day!

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

Oh man! I missed the Shaun White show. My husband probably didn't. God loves my husband too because He timed this Dominican trip during the Olympics so that John wouldn't pine away for me. (He just watched the Olympics every chance he got. I'm sure of it.)

Congrats on your new tech toy er tool. I'm truly thrilled for you!