The Vapid Confessions Of A Fake Blond

  • Lately I haven't felt much like blogging. I don't feel funny or interesting. I don't know if it's just the PMS talking, but I can't help but wonder if any of you ever feel this way? The other night I sat at the computer for like two hours trying to come up with something to write and ended up going to bed with nothing written. I did manage to take pictures of myself. (a solid procrastination technique that I highly recommend)

The dark: my best side for sure.
  • I would really like to win the jewelery giveaway over on the Boob Nazi's blog. I only share this with you because I get an extra entry for mentioning the giveaway on my own blog. Also if I happen to lose that giveaway but you remember that my 30th birthday is fast approaching and realize that you haven't picked anything up for me yet that this would be a good option.
  • Sandy over at Moments of Mommyhood has been posting ABC manipulatives for kids roughly Anthony's age. (she's up to P) They are so cute and easy. We did A today and he loved, loved, loved it. He actually ran to show Matt his paper when Matt got home which is the first time he's ever done that. 
  • I bought Mallory a book for gifted 1st graders today. Do I think she's gifted? No. (Cute and smart? Yes. Gifted? No.) The thing is she's tearing through all of the books I have and I'm running out of options. She's going to finish her third critical thinking workbook next week and reads constantly.  I share this not to brag but to ask for help. If you have any suggestions on how to challenge a 5 year old that's already working through first grade materials with relative ease without making school feel like a chore (she's still little) I would love to hear them. All suggestions are good ones.
  • I've gone blond (again). I suspect that this is why my mind is a total blank these days. It's not full blond, but I'm thinking about taking the plunge and doing all of my hair. See. Point in case. I'm sitting here thinking about hair color. 
  • Matt went to bed already. I don't feel so great (I'm the only one in my house that hasn't thrown up this week. I do not feel left out). I think I'll go join him.


The Boob Nazi said...

I actually haven't felt much like reading blogs lately, which makes me sad.
Thanks for the shout out!

tbsomeday said... blog isn't on the same level as yours...but, i have nothing to say either
just a case of the blahs--or maybe for you, the pukies--which i hope isn't true

i used to be bleach blond also--my husband wants me to go back (but what he really wants back is me, pre-mommy mode :)
i did the side part color experiment--one side part blonder--the other side part brunette with peek a boo blonds
so far it's a good transition for me

i'm pretty certain mallory is gifted.
i say let her handle the bills--that should be a challenge
maybe she can post to your blog if you're feeling out of ideas :)

Anonymous said...

All "greats" have brain freeze once in awhile. Don't worry, it will pass! love ya! mom

Sarah and the Gentlemen said...

I'm hoping that after I get some projects which I've neglected finished that my mind and sense of humor will be freed up to do its thing.

Although I haven't been able to tell that you've been uninspired... I think yours may simply need some ice cream.

foxy said...

You know, I do feel the same way sometimes. Which is just how it is. Some weeks I just want to read and not blog and I think that's okay.

Grand Pooba said...

Blond is the way to go. I hear it's all the rage in the UK right now.

(Or maybe just in my family)

Amanda said...

I TOTALLY feel that way sometimes. I get real anxious that I am going to lose my funny and nobody will read my blog anymore. But you have cute kids to blog about when times get tough -- I don't have that luxury! I just have to wait until my husband does something dumb -- or watch TLC for a couple hours and get some blog fodder.

Where is a pic of your new blonde? I <3ed my blonde hair. :(

Papajimmy said...

If you want to solve your predicament with Mallory, send her to public school. That will be sure to slow her down.

The Football Wife said...

Pick up a book at the library called "Story Stretchers" -- it might be with the teacher materials. It's a great resource for using children's books to create a dynamic curriculum.