The C Word

Has anyone else ever noticed how territorial cable companies are? Each company is assigned a specific region and if you live in X region you get only one choice for cable. I wonder who decides which region each company gets. Do they fight for them? I can just see two CEOs fighting to the death like Spartans or Lions because one of their techs crossed the invisible barrier.

Our new house is in a different prideland region, and we were forced to switch companies. We liked the old company so much that I was tempted to start an all out war by asking them to cross into the new region. Actually, I think Matt might have jokingly asked them to. The new company is not very awesome which is why we chose to switch to the Dish. It's much cheaper and sometimes it even works.

Since we switched, we get free HBO and Showtime for anywhere from the first 48 hrs to 90 days. I don't remember exactly. If you are like me, then you spend most of your day Googling "New Showtime Series" and learned that Showtime picked up a new show starring Laura Linney called "The C Word" (or I might have seen a preview for it while vegging). It's a 30 minute comedy series about a woman dealing with her own cancer. It caught my attention because my mom has breast cancer. She had surgery at the end of last month to remove the cancer, and the doctors thought they had gotten it all, but they didn't. So today (Thursday) my mother is having more surgery to remove more cancer and find out if the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes.

"The C Word" follows Laura's character as cancer forces her to face her own mortality which then causes her live her life a little differently. At one point in the preview, Laura's character is out to dinner and closes her menu and says, "I'm just having dessert and wine." This line made me think of my own mother and laugh. Not because she has changed how she lives life because of cancer, but because she hasn't.

I was raised in a dessert-first family.

It wasn't a crazy, reckless, I'm about to die so I'm going to do whatever I want lifestyle that we often see portrayed by the media, but rather one that understood and accepted that mortality is a part of life. We all die. Armed with that knowledge, my parents chose to base their decisions on what they believed that God would want them to do with their lives. Not like a flighty, blowing in the wind, "God told me to" kind of lifestyle, but one of prayer. Seeking wisdom from the Bible. The results of this show how when we chose to honor God, He will do amazing things with our lives.

While my mother hasn't said as much, I wouldn't be surprised if the "C" word has caused her to re-evaluate her life. I hope she can see what I see. A life that has shined God's love to those around her. That has positively affected more people than we know and that has guided me to become a woman that listens to the convictions God has placed into her heart. A woman that goes to God in prayer when her heart is full of love and when it is full of pain. A woman that understands that even if God doesn't honor her prayers to take this cancer out of her mother's body, it's because His plans are bigger and greater than mine.

Eating ice cream for dinner or having pie before Thanksgiving Turkey aren't spiritual decisions. God doesn't care what order we eat our meals. He wants us to live lives so that those around us can see Him working. He wants us to have faith in His goodness and His mercy even in our most difficult times. And in pursuing God's desire for our lives we will find life's true sweetness.


just call me jo said...

That post went from cable to the C word in a relatively short time. WOW! You have a good attitude. One I need to develop. Hope your mom can be strong and fight the C.

Sara said...

This is exactly why I had Arby's for dinner, but then went home and had two more grilled cheese sandwiches.

I was still hungry and damn it all, that's what I wanted.

Kathy English said...

Cable moguls have thumb wars to determine who gets which territory.

My grandma always said Eat dessert first - if you die, at least you had the good part.

So eat dessert first if for no other reason than you want to.

Way to go, hugs, cheers, kudos to the positive attitude in dealing with the big "C."

tbsomeday said...

great post
nice to get all deep with your now and again
you show a deep spiritual understanding with your acceptance of god's plan, that's a difficult thing to swallow
my prayers are with your mother today
i hope that the news is good
that c is really a b
it's caused devestation in my extended family's lives over the past year

foxy said...

Huh, I'd wondered what C word you were talking about. Both of the ones I was thinking of are pretty nasty though. That particular C word is pretty awful. It seems like everyone around me right now is dealing with it in one way or another. So sorry to hear about your mom... will say a prayer that they are able to get all of it today.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

wow. there's a lot going on with your family--new house, new cable, and cancer. I'll be praying for your mom. Keep us updated.

Dione said...

On the 13th we learned that my brother in-law has cancer so the C word is on my mind a lot lately. Please keep us updated on your mom. I hope and pray they get it all this time!!!

Thanks for your testimony of prayer and God! Your parents did a good job at raising you!

Amanda said...

Aw, this one rocked my face off! My Mom also has breast cancer. She had surgery April 30 and had a masectomy. It had spread to her lymph nodes but they took them out and she'll go through chemo and radiation. But she's always been so positive throughout the whole thing. I love your testimony to God and what His love can do for your life...I live my life the same way..i feel like that's what we're here to show His love through our own actions. This is such a great, positive message!